With 100,000 launch day sales, the Xbox One is off to a great start in China

The launch of the Xbox One may have been slightly delayed in China, but that does not seem to have affected sales of the console, as it is being reported that Microsoft managed to sell 100,000 units on launch day.

The launch day drew in large crowds eagerly looking to pick up the console at most major retailers across the country. The enthusiasm for the console is justified as the Xbox One is the first major console from a Western brand to launch in China in over 14 years. While the console itself has been green lit for sale in the country, Chinese regulators have announced that each game has to be certified before it can go up for sale in the country.

Currently, only 10 games are available for the console, although Microsoft has mentioned that it is working with the authorities in bringing over 70 games to the country soon, which includes its Halo franchise.

Strong sales in China will be a huge boost to Microsoft's overall sales numbers as the software maker looks to bridge the divide with Sony's PlayStation 4.

Do you think the Xbox One will be able to maintain the momentum in China?

Source: LoadTheGame

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Yes (Maybe)
  • Definitely, possibly.
  • Yeah. They should be able to, right?
  • That is a incredible number all things considered.
  • How on earth are they going to certify Halo with that amount of violence???
  • Believe it or not, China is not against violence in its entertainment.  The government is only concerned about more political things - such as glorifying the US, democracy, etc.     Halo should have no problems as it is set in the future with very little direct references to current political situations.
  • LOL, did you think seriously even for a split second that the chinese government gives a flying f*k about the mental healthness of its slaves (citizens)? Its all just about showing power against american multinational companies, and to get more $$ to the packets of the approproriate chinese comrades to allow MS into the market.
  •   What da f*ck...No government is perfect, but you have no right to assume that the Chinese government treat its citizens as slaves, in fact, Im a perfect proof, along with hundreds of thousands other chinese who travel freely from China to other countries and back, I live in Australia, picked up a few extra languages (by that I mean a dozen versions of English), exposed to western culture, yet when I return, I don't get gunned down, though I do admit the officials at chinese airports are more stern and...disciplined. In fact, I believe the American government has more undeniable flaws, I will let you decide what I mean by that. Now, back to point, China MAY be seeing the social issues caused by gaming in Korea and Japan and how marathon gaming has negatively affected its younger generation, but it may be an excuse, much like the NRA trying to associate America's overwhelming numbers of gun kills to violent games...despite the rest of the world have the same exposure.
  • China's government is fascist, which by it's very definition is a bad thing. To even compare China's authoritarianism to the governments of the west is laughable. I noticed you said you live in Australia. If China is so great, why did you leave? Why not move back?
  • Drone strikes, indefinite detention, arming terror groups, torture, executions without trial, illegal wars against sovereign states. Yeah, the eagle is such an angel.
  • First of all, I will kindly remind you that Facism is extreme right wing, so...Fox News for example...or Nazi Germany if you need near-perfect definitions. The Chinese government is cursed with being too left wing, though it has made admirable progress towards the centre. I feel that I have the right to compare China's government with the West is because...well...we all are on the same planet and I believe even you should see that both sides have flaws, unless you are too nationalistic to see wrongs in American politics for example. Let's see...Chinese govt is still too communist, which means they still control media, that I believe is awful. But US's democratic govt is also all for total security through spying on its citizens and bullying other nations with, which is control in another way, so either way, both systems still needs work. And I hope your final comment isnt one of those 'accept our point of view or you leave' comments by those racists I see around North Sydney sometimes. I moved to Australia because of a lifestyle choice, I love the beaches and the largly outward and friendly atmosphere of Sydney, which I admit still has those dark corners where distrust still exists. But yes, I move back and forth between these two countries freely, I personally cant choose between these two countries because in my city (Chengdu), the repression doesnt even exist that much, we have foreigners enjoying our parks, our street BBQ, I had the honour of helping a British couple tour around the city, when I pleasantly suprised them with my English :), funny enough, the universities and the shopping malls there offer free Wifi with complete access to all of the Web, no Firewall of China and all that bullshit. My point being, don't be so black and white, China has its issues, but its just government, not the Chinese citizens, America also has its share of issues and bad habits it needs to fix.
  • "First of all, I will kindly remind you that Facism is extreme right wing, so...Fox News for example...or Nazi Germany if you need near-perfect definitions. The Chinese government is cursed with being too left wing, though it has made admirable progress towards the centre." There's where I stopped reading.  Facism is right-wing authoritarianism.   Being right wing is conservatism.  Being left wing is socialism/capitalism etc. The Chinese government policies are mostly right wing, and they are in fact authoritarian.  Even totalitarian in some cases. I also got a giggle out of your use of 1940's Germany as an example of facism because the fundamentalist right wing in the west tries to paint the picture that the Nazis were liberal left wingers. The rest of what you said was a mixture of non sequiturs and comments that barely chained together to form any coherent message. However this one statement is significant: "But yes, I move back and forth between these two countries freely, I personally cant choose between these two countries because in my city (Chengdu), the repression doesnt even exist that much" Well, this facist repression almost doesn't exist in the West.  And to be perfectly clear, the "west" isn't limited to the US.  This includes the UK, Canada, most of the western EU, etc.
  • If my knowledge is right...Communism shares more ties with totalitarian policies than you think. Stalin Russia for example, total media and economic control, mass-purges and all that, I see more ties in that with Chinese's more horrid policies. I'm sorry, as Im not the best guy at forming coherent arguments, I just type whatever idea I form, and frankly, I agree with your overall argument that China's government is shit, but must I ask from you is...do you form your perception of Chinese people as a whole based on its government? Because I see that as narrow-minded and I believe that too many people form that unfair perception, and also, do you really believe that Western politics are as successful as democracy have the potential to be? Do you personally believe the US formed a perfect example of what democracy can achieve? I point to Sweden and Denmark as the perfect goal I want the rest of the world to achieve. Wait...didnt you stop reading after the first paragraph? :)
  • I'm a skeptic and a secular humanist. I absolutely do not judge people by their government. It's a personal point of mine to avoid sweeping generalizations and to have informed opinions. I actually train in Li Hu Quan and Shaolin kung fu and have working relationships with real Chinese monks, so I do have a great respect and appreciation for Chinese culture. I'm certainly not on the side of their government and their oppressive regime.
  • Hey, I've never been in China, but I love kung fu!!! Ni hau!!!
  • Small Government with very few powers is better. The bigger more bloated the US government becomes. The more China Like it becomes. Good Luck to Hong Kong.
  • I find it very hypocritical when anyone from the US calls out china for there treatment of its people but, then turns around and shops at walmart and has a cellphone. America pretty much supports China as everything we use here is made there. You wanna show me your serious? Dont buy anything made in China.  
  • I'm not even from the US.
  • Also, this is what's called a non sequitur. Whether a country buys stuff from another country or not has no bearing on the political leanings of the governments of said countries. A republic can buy from a communist country. A democratic country can buy from a fascist country etc.
  • Why Not? I think buying cheap is compatible with capitalism. It's LIVING there that would be the problem.
  • First, I belive he said in his comment that he moved back. Second, It is quite common nowadays to go aboard travel/study, not just Chiniese, but Korean, Japanese, people from around world. And it it not suprise to see foreigner in China either. I feell sorry for you if you never travel in any other countries. And my suggestion is you should. At least you will have your own opinion of other country, rather than only getting information from media. Remember, Media sell news peper (or Ads). Their only interest is to sell more by writting interesting stories to thier audians and sometimes that is not entirely the truth.
  • My travel decisions are also a non sequitur to the topic at hand.
  • You're drinking the Kool-Aid eh?
  • Yeah, sorry, but you're wrong. This isnt a politically correct issue-----in this scenario youre comparing a one party authoritarian government to Western democracies. Democracy isnt perfect, and it's often messy, but Id rather be free than living under a repressive government. Not everything is 'equal'.
  • You got it.
  • I agree, but then again contrary to Western media perceptions, some individual cities are already almost completely 'Wester-Eastern-merged', check out Chengdu, far from Beijing, a nice oriental vibe with Western boom already happening, great diversity in tourists and recidents, young vibe, great food, and none of that repressive bullshit, Ive lived there for 10 years (12 years if you count migration back-and-forth) and not once did I see or hear of any government repression. I see that as a sign of the weakening of control. And also, I trust that the Hong Kong protest will do something to quicken the attention to democracy, and perhaps also even remind Australia not to take democracy for granted.
  • So If I'm in Chengdu, can I use Facebook? Twitter? Can I buy an Xbox One and play Battlefield 4? Yeah, I didn't think so. Ergo, repression. I'd never live in a country that prevented me from doing things like that, and I fully support Chinese citizens organizing a social revolution to gain freedom.
  • I am not sure if you trying to accuse me of choosing the wrong country as my birthplace or you just hate China as a country. Read your own comment, does it sound like a good thing to say to a person who likes his own country and wants to positively improve it? It's basically saying that I chose the wrong country to be born in, or to try to improve or live in. (Although you partly redeemed yourself with that last sentence) And yes, Chengdu is a state capital who has far surpassed your lowly expectations, it has the vibe of a modern city with a historical past, it offers complete access to social networks and all websites in malls and universities alike, it's tourist-friendly as well, you should visit along with my western mates (by that I mean A few French, Aussies, Greek and Sweds) this Xmas, if you find them among the thousands of others who have also came along to see what China has to offer, instead of blind hating.
  • You've misinterpreted me. I love Chinese people and Chinese culture. I have many Chinese friends and I've visited China many times. My problem is with the Chinese government. I do not condone a government that represses its citizens and engages in censorship. I want Chinese citizens to be free to do what they want (e.g. use Twitter or Facebook or play Battlefield 4), not be at risk for criticizing their own government.
  • Do u live in china? I don't think so back off
    Bright Chen is right
  • Chinese government propaganda works well, apparently.
  • Dont worry about that, if we can watch anime in China (example being Dragonball Z), Halo can get in (I hope), China's government was just making excuses to limit external communications, which Xbox champions, and so I expect the Kinect to be limited in features and the social networks be more limited and multiplayer limited to the mainland. But with a solid gamer community in China thriving anyway, I doubt it would cause much trouble,
  • 100 000,真的。Remember WoW? It comes to China. Halo would do as well.
  • Thought that was shipped not sold?
  • Please somebody gift me...can't afford it.
  • One thing I know. If they Chinese want to play the game 99% of them will found a way to buy the game.
  • exactly
  • It's region locked, so they won't be able to play them on these chinese consoles.
  • Region lock maybe.. They will find a way
  • Lol
  • Those who got an Xbox one the illegal way in china, already have games like Cod. And they will continue to do so. Sales would be higher than 100K as reported.
  • now WP!
  • Any idea about India Xbox one sales, Harish?
  • 200 were sold on first day. rest ppl are downlaoding and playing games on torrent as they do. we show much miserness when it comes to software.
  • I'm impressed, the momentum will increase if the country greenlits other titles, if not sales will maintain a steady pace as people find other means of getting the games
  • Hey immortal warrior get your head out of your ass. The American government is the most fascist in the world. And you honestly think you are free in America? How bout passing me some of that GMO, high fructose syrup flavored Kool Aid your drinking......
  • "American government is the most fascist in the world." That is just not true. The American government is definitely not as open as they should be, but it is nowhere near "the most fascist in the world."
  • I'm not even American you blowhard. You live in a small world if you think the US is fascist. Coip is absolutely correct. And do you seriously think the government of China is less fascist than western governments? If you do, I believe that is sufficient evidence to suggest you live under a rock.
  • That's wuz up MS!
  • I see in the comments that this article has started a political debate... Lol
  • Kinda related news - I had been looking for the Kinect Xbox One bundle in Hong kong and they were sold out everywhere. One shop keeper told me the Kinect version was selling better than the standard version and sure enough there were boxes of them but no Kinect bundles to be found. Very strange.
  • Good to hear. I still think unbundling the Kinect was a mistake. It was the big differentiator from the PS4 and it makes the Xbox One way more interesting and useful and feature-filled. I think they should've doubled down on Kinect by promoting it harder, by actually ensuring that quality games were launched with it (stuff like Kinect Sports Rivals, Dance Central Spotlight, and D4 shouldn't been released on Day One) instead of pretending it doesn't exist anymore. #SaveKinect
  • There is no PS4 in China right. Sony should consider it asap
  • Very impressive numbers. This will do some work to bridging the gap.