Celebrate 10 years of 10tons with cheap games

10tons Ltd, the developers behind such games as Trouserheart and Sparkle, are celebrating their company's tenth anniversary with a huge sale of their games across all platforms. Through this weekend, all 10tons games for Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Mac, Ouya and Blackberry 10 will be just $.99. Due to limitations of the Windows Store, games for Windows 8 will be $1.19.

10tons' games are known for their fun look and quirky nature. Many are matching puzzle games with beautiful environments and sweet soundtracks. Others are strategy-based battle games with zany storylines.  And with the serious discount to just $.99, they are definitely worth a try.

You can download their Windows Phone 8 offerings below:

Azkend: A mystical tile-matching puzzle game with an archeological twist.

QR: Azkend

Azkend 2: A sequel to the first with a new storyline, this time, in New York.  Here's our review.

QR: Azkend2

Boom Brigade 2: Battle aliens in this strategic mission game.  You can catch our review of Boom Brigade 2 here.

QR: BoomBridgade

Dragon Portals: More than 70 levels of color-matching puzzles.  Catch our review here.

QR: DragonPortals

Heroes Of Kalevala: Choose a hero and lead your tribe to prosperity.

QR: HeroesOfKalevala

Joining Hands: Hold hands with your fellow Peablins to keep the Bogeyman away.

QR: JoiningHands

Joining Hands 2: In this sequel, the Peablins investigate a meteor crash near their forest home.  Check out Sam Sabri's review of Joining Hands 2 here.

QR: JoiningHands2

King Oddball: Rock the world as you battle humans to the bitter end.  King Oddball is a fun game and you can read our review here.

QR: KingOddball

Sparkle: Bust up orbs to save the woods from destruction in this fast paced arcade game.

QR: Sparkle

Sparkle 2: The orbs return in 90 new levels of fun. You can read a review by our very own George Ponder here.

QR: Sparkle2

Tennis In The Face: Like John McEnroe meets the John Rambo, Pete Pagassi launches balls to the wall to prevent the evil Explodz, Inc. corporation from destroying the city.  Catch our review of this unique Windows Phone game here.

QR: TennisInTheFace

Trouserheart: Hey, who took the king's pants? Find out in this award-winning battler. And check out our review here.

QR: Trouserheart

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!