I hope everyone who celebrates it had a Happy Thanksgiving and that today nobody is getting trampled over for Black Friday deals. Since it's Friday, we are once again going to highlight some intriguing apps that we have come across this week for Windows 8.1.

Being that a large part of our readership is on holiday from work this week, we are going to showcase five games to enjoy in your leisure time.

Toca Boo

Toca Boo is the latest in a well-known line of children's games by Toca Boca that we've featured before. Sure, Halloween was last month, but that doesn't mean you can't get in a few last scares.

In this puzzle game, the kids navigate through dark rooms to find the perfect place to hide, so they can jump out at the right moment to scare their family and friends. While it is a little easy for older players, the fantastic art and funny animation is fun for everyone.

Call of Duty: Heroes

Late last week, Activision released a new addition to its wildly popular Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Heroes. Heroes takes all of the action in its parent series and rolls it into a 3D strategy game for Windows 8.1, iPhone and iPad.

Control heroes right out of the Call of Duty games you love and level them up to carry your army to victory. Build up your base's defenses and train your army to defend it. There are three modes to play: PvP, Campaign, and Survival. You can also join forces with your friends create alliances and share troops.

Got some time on your hands? Give Call of Duty: Heroes a try.

NFL RUSH Heroes and Rivals

There's just something about football that goes perfect with Thanksgiving. If you aren't stuffing your face, you're probably watching "The Game." NFL RUSH Heroes and Rivals is an excellent way to learn about the game and do your favorite team proud.

After creating a custom profile, players train in eight mini-games that focus on different aspects of each position on the gridiron. With your avatar as team captain, you pick the rest of your players and challenge other teams using the skills you learned in training.

You can also connect with other fans of your favorite team to cheer them on as well.

Last Hope – Zombie Sniper 3D

The zombie apocalypse may be a ways off, but you can still hone your skills, just in case. Last Hope – Zombie Sniper 3D is a first-person shooter where you take aim at the living dead to help your friend Burt survive.

Burt guides you through the desert as you shoot your way to safety and try to figure out just what happened to everyone. As you get better at offing zombies through different modes of play, you will unlock new and more powerful weapons.

Whether you use your touchscreen or mouse to gun them down, the gameplay is challenging for sure.

Star Troll

The world is under attack and only one man…ahem, troll, can save it. Star Troll is an 8-bit space spectacular that takes you through space to battle aliens in non-stop fashion. Scroll through waves of aliens and obstacles to see how high of a score you can get. As you cruise through space, you can gain power-ups to give your weapons some extra firepower.

Don't be fooled, this old school shooter may be simple to control, but tough to master. Even after defeating one of the many bosses, you get no rest, as the onslaught of aliens picks up right away. Star Troll will keep you busy and coming back for more.

Alright, we'll be back next week with some more intriguing apps for Windows 8.1. Got any apps that you want us to highlight? Send us an email to tips@windowscentral.com with "Must-have apps" in the subject line!

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