5 intriguing Windows 10 apps: April 8, 2016

With the ever-growing number of apps and games in the Windows Store, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with what's out there.

For that reason, every Friday we showcase some apps that have piqued our interest. They may have been in the news recently, they may be new to the Windows Store, or they could simply be old apps that we just stumbled upon.

They are the 5 Intriguing Apps of the Week.

Marriott International

arriott International

Marriott International is one of the latest of many official apps to go universal.

The app lets you search thousands of Marriott's hotels and resorts in over 70 countries on your PC or smartphone. You can view photos of the property, see a list of amenities, and even call the hotel, assuming your device supports it.

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Marriott International also shows you a map of the hotel's area and offers guides for its host city.

Once you find the room you are looking for, you can make reservations and add them directly to your People Hub or calendar. You can also use Cortana to check your reservations, search for hotels in your area, and more.

Exclusive members can check in and out using their computer or phone. Not a member? Just sign up from the app.

The free Marriott International app is a convenient way to plan your stay on Windows 10.

Well Prepared

Well Prepared

Nobody likes to be caught unprepared when a nuclear winter or zombie apocalypse pops up out of nowhere. That's why it was great to hear that Well Prepared's official app went universal.

All kidding aside, you don't have to be a doomsday prepper to appreciate Well Prepared. The app is chock full information about how to pull through various types of emergencies, tips on how to grow your own food, and how rough it while camping out in the wilderness.

In addition, you can search and browse camping supplies, ready-to-eat meals, and hunting/self-defense items. Everything from flashlights to fallout shelters is here. And one click gets you from the app to your browser, where you can buy any of them.

Well Prepared also gives you access to information on real-time Emergency Alerts and a Live Tile that can display them, as well as the ability to share blog posts and product info with friends.

The app is free on Windows 10 for PC and Mobile, so you can buy your inner Darryl a crossbow before the grid goes down.

Suto Stream

Suto Stream

Suto Stream

Suto Stream is a relatively new app for connecting to Twitch on your Windows 10 computer, tablet, or phone.

Designed for Windows 10 specifically, Suto Stream offers up a straight-forward user interface with tiles for the most popular games that you can scroll through. You can also search by stream, channel, or game using keywords.

You can choose from various levels of video quality and whether or not you want to enable live chat while watching. The video you are currently watching can be shrunk down so you can watch and browse other streams at the same time.

Although the app does let you log into your Twitch account, but aside from viewing your profile, there doesn't seem to be much benefit to doing so at the moment.

Suto Stream is still young as apps go, and thusly, has some of the same issues as a lot of new apps. There is some instability and small bugs, and there is certainly room to improve. However, it's got a solid foundation to build on and it's free to download.

Coupons, Codes, Deals & Saving

Coupons, Codes, Deals & Saving

Coupons.com has release their universal Coupons, Codes, Deals & Saving app for Windows 10.

Available for computers and phones, the app scours the internet for deals. Browse manufacturer coupons for some of the biggest names in groceries, restaurants, clothing, and drugstores. You can sort them by category, select the ones you want, and then print them right from your device

Coupons, Codes, Deals & Saving also shows you deals from popular online sites, including sales and coupon codes. You can also use your location information to find deals in your area. Users can log into the app and link a credit card to capitalize on card-based offers as well.

For the most part, if there's a deal out there, Coupons, Codes, Deals & Saving will help you find it.

Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road

Hipster Whale and Disney have teamed up to bring the heroes from the Magic Kingdom to the blocky world of Crossy Road. You start with Mickey as your main mouse, but can earn over 100 different characters from Disney and Pixar movies.

Tap your screen or use your keyboard to hop through an 8-bit landscape, dodging traffic, riding water logs, and traversing train tracks. Along the way, you can collect coins to purchase new characters, or earn them as free gifts just for playing.

But you'll also find yourself wandering through familiar backdrops from beloved movies, like Al's Toy Barn and the Lion King's Pride Lands of Africa. The game also features some of your favorite Disney songs turned into retro midi game tunes.

Though it isn't designed specifically for Windows 10, it works perfectly on any PC or smartphone running the new OS. Disney Crossy Road is free to install on your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 device, but it does contain in-app purchases, so you can easily collect all of the special Disney figurines.

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