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Razer revamps Enki Pro gaming chair with motoring-inspired Williams F1 and Koenigsegg editions

Razer Enki Pro Editions
(Image credit: Razer)
  • Razer has unveiled new Williams Esports Edition and Koenigsegg Edition variants of its premium Razer Enki Pro gaming chair.
  • The special edition chairs draw inspiration from the two motoring icons, adding vibrant blue and yellow designs, starting at $1,299 in the U.S.

Razer has announced a new collaboration to expand its gaming chair lineup, collaborating with Williams Esports and Koenigsegg on special edition variants of its Enki Pro series. The pair of gaming chairs pull branding from the two motoring icons, offering vibrant and yellow hues geared to racing fans. The two chairs have launched exclusively via the Razer Store, priced at $1,299 for U.S. buyers and £1,299 / €1499 for the UK and Europe.

Razer announced its two new racing-inspired designs as an expansion of an already premium gaming chair line, with the original Razer Enki Pro first launching at $999. The gaming accessories manufacturer boasts best-in-class materials, using Alcantara with synthetic leather, with comfort enabled by its magnetic head cushion, foam backrest, and lumbar support.

The new editions of the Razer Enki Pro don’t mark a massive departure from the stock green-on-black model, catering to motorsport fanatics with themed designs. The blue Williams Esports Edition plays on the firm’s heritage in Formula 1, whereas the Koenigsegg Edition pays tribute to the “Heliodor Yellow” available across its cars.

Razer Enki Pro Editions

(Image credit: Razer)

Our review of the Razer Enki Pro called it an “exceptionally comfortable chair,” justifying the company’s obsession with materials and ergonomic design for its latest model. However, its $999 starting price remains hard to justify, with our editor-in-chief Daniel Thorp-Lancaster stating it fails to stand out in terms of value versus other the best gaming chairs on the market.

Whether these new Razer Enki Pro models live up to the premium on an already costly gaming chair primarily comes to personal preference, catering to fans of cars and really expensive seating. The Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition and Koenigsegg Edition are now available via the Razer Store, offered as separate models alongside the standard Razer Enki Pro chair.

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Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition | $1,299 at Razer (opens in new tab)

The Koenigsegg Edition Enki Pro pays tribute to the manufacturer’s iconic Heliodor Yellow, making it a bold addition to any office or gaming setup.

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Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition | $1,299 at Razer (opens in new tab)

Razer has given its flagship Enki Pro gaming chair a F1-themed makeover, with a vibrant blue colorway inspired by Williams Racing branding.

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