Save $40 on a wireless mechanical keyboard with a retro style and modern features

iQunix A80 wireless mechanical keyboard
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Wireless keyboards honestly tend to be pretty basic. They don't try too much because the more features you put in, the more battery drain you get and the less effective they are as keyboards. So it's really nice to find one that focuses on its aesthetic while still keeping some awesome modern features. The iQunix A80 wireless mechanical keyboard is on sale today for just $159.97 at Amazon. That's a huge discount from its regular $200 price.

We've been tracking this keyboard for a while in our roundup of the best wireless keyboards, and this is only the second time this year we've seen it drop this low. You should grab it while you can because the price will jump up soon enough.

iQunix A80 wireless mechanical keyboard $200 $159.97 at Amazon

iQunix A80 wireless mechanical keyboard $200 $159.97 at Amazon

This is a great keyboard with a vintage aesthetic that still maintains modern features with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and more.

The iQunix A80 keyboard has a very cool, almost retro design. It's not just the toned down colors but also the size, which is much smaller than your normal tenkeyless keyboard, and other key characteristics like the way the function bar at the top slopes upwards. There's even a little LED next to the Escape key that functions as a battery life indicator and helps you know when you're connecting wirelessly. With the extra yellow bar atop the function keys and the toned down colors, it reminds me of old school IBM keyboards. 

While the design might seem aged, the functionality definitely is not. For a wireless keyboard it has 2.4GHz wireless connectivity as well as Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure you're connected in the best possible way. Of course, you can even go wired with the USB-C port, which will charge the 4000mAh battery. That's enough to last for up to 200 days via Bluetooth and 60 days via wireless. When connected via Bluetooth you can switch between two devices simultaneously. 

The keyboard includes Cherry MX Red mechanical switches that will last you for a long time, changeable RGB lighting, and a hot swappable design that lets you switch up your mechanical switches and customize your keycaps. 

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