Porsche-themed ultrawide curved gaming monitor leaks with the weakest sales pitch and I'm bored already — who's asking for these?

(Image credit: Porsche | AOC)

What you need to know

  • The leaked AOC PD49 ultrawide monitor collaborates with Porsche and boasts a 49-inch screen with a 240Hz refresh rate and a built-in 5MP webcam.
  • Said to target gamers and remote workers, its luxury branding and vague specs might limit its appeal, with pricing undisclosed likely until CES 2024 but expected to be high-end.
  • Likely a niche product, partnering with extravagant brands can attract pro streamers or tech-savvy celebrities rather than mainstream consumers.

CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show) is just around the corner, with the usual Red Dot Design awards handed out to the best-in-show for various categories. Unfortunately for PC monitor specialist brand AOC, its latest collaboration with Porsche (no, seriously) has leaked ahead of time via the Red Dot awards page, as spotted by the eagle-eyed writers at Tom's Hardware. The AOC PD49 (Porsche Design) is a 49-inch ultrawide monitor that certainly looks the part but somewhat suffers from an identity crisis.

Officially labeled by the Red Dot jury as a 'gaming monitor,' which makes sense for the 240Hz refresh rate it supports, it's pitched as having 'ambitious gamers and discernings users working from home in mind,' the latter presumably referencing a built-in 5MP webcam. The whole frame boasts a design 'inspired by the cooling fins of the Porsche 911,' which arguably fails to fit the theme of an average working-from-home experience and would likely restrict its gaming appeal to fans of the Forza series.

How much is it, and who would buy it anyway?

Given the nature of Red Dot Design awards, the page for the AOC PD49 is focused entirely on its design without ever mentioning a price. Considering it's a prime candidate for the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas, where an extravagant MSRP is likely to be revealed, it's not too much of a surprise. Two implied standout features include 'wide viewing angle technology' and 'two 8-watt stereo speakers', which don't cause much excitement.

We've tested high-end ultrawide monitors of a similar caliber, like in our Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved review, which retails for a touch under $2,000. The sky is the limit for pricing when pairing with a bougie luxury brand like Porsche, as Razer proved with a special edition Lamborghini Blade 16 gaming laptop. Still, it's unlikely to appeal to the masses, meaning this Porsche-themed ultrawide from AOC would instead be classed as a lavish novelty item for pro streamers or celebrities.

Don't get me wrong, though; I'm fascinated. When CES 2024 does come around, I'll keep my eyes peeled for when AOC officially reveals this extravagant ultrawide 'gaming' monitor to see if the rest of its specs match its listed category. For now, stick to the best ultrawide monitors for something with a realistic price tag.

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