You will not find a better 4TB drive with this much speed going for this low

Crucial P3 4TB SSD
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The Crucial P3 solid state drive series is on sale for Cyber Monday, and that includes the super high capacity 4TB drive going for just $259.99 at Amazon. This is the lowest price ever on the 4TB drive. It was selling for as much as $350 in August and has more recently sold for around $325. We've never seen it go below $290.

Crucial P3 4TB solid state drive $325 $259.99 at Amazon

Crucial P3 4TB solid state drive <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$325 $259.99 at Amazon

The key here is the size of the SSD compared to the cost. Normally you'd have to pay twice as much for an SSD this fast with this much capacity. 

The Crucial P3 isn't new. In fact, the newest generation is the Crucial P5, which is also on sale for Cyber Monday. However, the P5 doesn't even come in a 4TB capacity yet and even the 2TB version on sale costs as much as $160. What we're talking about here is *storage* not speed (but definitely with some speed). If you already have a really fast modern SSD like the WD_BLACK SN850X, you might need a secondary one with some breathing space. The 4TB version of that drive costs nearly $600. 

The P3 is obviously not going to be as fast as the latest SSDs, but you still can get read/write times up to 3,500 MB/s. That's insanely fast compared to other drives normally used for their high capacity storage, like a regular hard drive. Plus the Crucial P3 is very durable and can handle a lot of work with an MTTF greater than 1.5 million hours. 

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