Add a little snazziness to your Nokia Lumia 1020 with this leather case

If you are looking to add a touch of style or an air of ruggedness to your Nokia Lumia 1020, you may want to consider one of these leather cases made by Gadget2us. The injection-molded case is made to fit the Lumia 1020 to form and offer extra protection for the rear camera with a built-in lens cover. The best part is that this baby will only run you $8.00.

It's also reminiscent of the rumored Nokia leather case that never materialized.

You will find the Lumia 1020 case in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from classic brown to dainty rose red to grey urban camouflage. And if you're not one for leather, fear not. There are a few cloth versions of the case as well.

The catch with ordering one of these cases is that it ships from China, which brings the total cost to $20.00 for one of them (to the US). The shipping only increases slightly with multiple items, so in order to make more cost-effective, you may want to order a few, or get them for your whole Lumia 1020-toting posse.

Source: Gadget2us; Thanks for the tip, Bryan C.!

  • Not much of a review. Can I see it without plastic...?
  • Um, this isn't a review. We're just telling you about it.
  • I knew right when I clicked send that this would be the first response. I'm simply stating that it would be nice to see it. Texture and fitting, functionality are all what people want to know before they spill a whopping $800 ;)
  • I think you're missing a period in there. That, or I just don't get your humor
  • 800$. ???
  • I saw 8.00 not 8 hundred
  • $800.00 plus tax.
  • Was just on their site. Its EIGHT DOLLARS
  • I just bought two to save on shipping. I'll sell you my other one for $400. We're all family here......
  • Good one!LoL..
  • Hahaha... See! Some people have a sense of humor ;) as for others... Sorry you can't be a part of the fun. Why so serious?
  • Didn't you show us a case exactly the same a few months ago shortly after the 1020s announcement?
  • Never mind, it was the same case, but a different site :-)
  • I always am disappointed when it says "leather" and it turns out to be plastic. Why not call it by another name to avoid confusion?
  • There are many names for artificial leather, such as pleather. Anyway, how do you know this is not leather? I have a genuine leather slip case (not for 1020)
  • The header for this article says leather case, but in the description Daniel says it's injection-molded, which means it's plastic, not leather.
    I know there are leather cases, but my point is why call something leather when it's made from something totally different? 
  • Yeah, I thought, "Wow, they can injection-mold leather now?"
  • Yep! invented by the same guy who wrote the app that makes my lunch sandwich!
  • It is clearly false and deceptive advertising. Leather is tanned animal rawhide period. Anything other than that should be called by another name..Pleather, bonded leather, "leather-like", etc.
  • Absolutely right! I heard that on eBay a seller can list something plastic as leather without getting any reprimands because "everyone" knows that if you don't specify REAL leather then leather is not actually leather. I hope this idea won't be universally accepted.
  • Bet you couldn't get away with the same attitude selling a Rolex -v- REAL Rolex!
  • This is very similar to wireless carriers redefining "unlimited" to mean limited.
  • This is very similar to wireless carriers redefining "unlimited" to mean limited.
  • Any word on the case from Nokia?
  • Not sure if that was ever real. Or rather, this is as close as you'll get.
  • Ah... Pity. Well hope the 3rd-party cases keep getting better and better.
  • $8  $20 after shipping... sounds interesting just to keep the lens covered. I know it's tough but I'm still paranoid about that getting scratched in my pocket one of these days!
  • I love how cases like this leave a hole for the charging cover contacts. As if there were a chance to use them with a cover on the phone.
  • It's conveniently located so that if you spill liquid on the outside it can easily make it's way inside to short-circuit the device ;)
  • So many of the cheap cases are like that. It's sad and funny at the same time.
  • The editor of the article never mention it was a review of the case period. Its just a quick heads up on the kind of case it is and what to expect to pay for it when coming from china.
  • You speak the truth. This was just intended as a FYI.
  • Or do what a large amount of eBayers do and order a shit ton than put up a eBay Store and sell them for $15 with "free shipping" in the US lol. Has me considering it.
  • Sounds like a lot of hassle and what happens if they don't sell?
  • Research. Make sure the Chinamen are selling there's consistently
  • I'd gladly buy one from you for 15 dollars. Stock up on the yellow one. :)
  • Hahaha thanks for the support ;)
  • All these cases and lack of wireless charge support.
  • Looks bloody hideous. Pass.
  • Another one with cleuless holes that supports wireless charging ..sigh
  • Can you save by ordering more than one? Most will apply separate shipping cost.
  • Who uses leather cases
  • Indiana Jones, Ernest Hemingway if he were alive and foreign correspondents if there were any still.
  • Cows definitley DON'T use them!
  • The hipster case.
  • From the one image shown, it seems like it will make the phone very bulky. I wonder what the front looks like. I am using the full body protector now, wet applied type. Covers all side. But of course it wont protect against drops.
  • I'm guessing its a flip-style case (front)?
  • there are more photos on the link they gave us:
  • Am I missing something? Where can I get it?
  • click on the source link
  • From what I can see it doesn't look great but then again that's subjective.
  • Could windows phone central - shopping cart will bring this to the Lumia owners for a decent price soon?
  • Looks nice. I have scuffed up my black camera portion just from setting the device down. This may be a good option to help protect it.
  • I liked the look of both of the camo versions but after looking at it I don't know who in their right mind would make it with a blue casing. they ruined it!
  • Is there a good protective case that will fit OVER the 1020's wireless charging cover?
  • I'd love to find a case that will protect the phone and allow wireless charging.  Are there any out there??
  • Great question. We really need cases that will fit the camera grip and the wireless charging shell.
  • Any1 got a link for ebay users selling these? See if i can get it a bit cheaper
  • Again with the hole at the back for the charging contacts, how stupid can the case designers be to not even research the device they are making a case for.
  • Ugly.
    Plus, leather is dead skin - I am against it.
  • Personally I'm all for the Your Poetic case. In my opinion it's the best case for the 1020. The Atmosphere cases by Poetic you guys should review that case.
  • I need a case. Not sure which one. I love the feel of the 1020 shell. Any with that same feel?
  • I had it for free when I bought my 1020 in Taipei. I don't like the texture though so I ended up never putting it on my phone.
  • This is Ms Cherry from Gadget2us. I have to state ,that mold injection ,maybe plastic,but leather ,carbon fiber are available now .at least Gadget2us can make it done.
    This leather case is made by leather injected machine , Not with Glue by hand
    With the lens cover,gives the lumia 1020 good protector.
    Now ,we are consider different leather pattern and color. hope could do some unique,DIY, we hope our design will be various.
    If you have any good idea.please share with us,Thank you
  • Do you sell to UK? If you have ebay, please give me your details and i will buy :)
  • Check Kouros Shield for Nokia Lumia 1020! Such an amazing case!