Aio Wireless finally approves Amber update for the Lumia 620

Remember Amber? That was the last firmware update (along with Update 2) for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. Although AT&T and the Lumia 920 was the last big story we covered in regards to its rollout, way back in October, there was still one carrier who was a holdout: Aio Wireless. No surprise that they are a subsidiary of AT&T.

Yes, the Lumia 620 on Aio Wireless, which runs for an amazing $99, has not had its GDR2 and Amber update. At least not until last night. Nokia and Aio have finally flipped the switch, pushing out the OS and firmware updates, which is now live.

It’s been so long you may need a refresher on what Update 2 (GDR2) brings, so here you go. To quote ourselves:

“Microsoft’s GDR2 OS update brings some improved features like better ‘Other’ storage support, reducing the bloat that many users have experienced, in addition to fixes for Xbox Music, FM Radio, Me Tile image and greater core access for Nokia.”

Due to a design quirk though, the Lumia 620 won't have FM Radio, so don't look for it after the update. Amber also brings a host of new functions, including:

So if you’re on Aio Wireless, head into Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates to grab the new firmware (Amber) and OS (GDR2) to finally bring you up to speed. And let’s hope Lumia Black and Update 3 don’t take nearly as long.

Source: Nokia; via Reddit

Daniel Rubino

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