Xbox Video

Xbox Video is Microsoft's movie and TV streaming service supported across all its platforms – there are apps available on Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox and the web.

Microsoft today unveiled a sweet freebie for everyone to enjoy this weekend. Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem will be available for free, enabling those who haven't yet seen the 2007 AvP sequel to sit through the sci-fi horror movie.

If you've yet to choose a movie to go with the bags of popcorn purchased, this will be a sweet alternative if you're unable to decide. That said, the film isn't the highest rated film in the world, with Rotten Tomatoes only giving the title 12 percent.

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Alien V Predator

Still, free movies are worth noting. Be sure to check on your Windows devices (or the web) this weekend to enjoy the second instalment of the Aliens Vs. Predator series. Here's the trailer:

We've reached out to Microsoft to see if this offer is region restricted.

Source: Xbox Video, via: Facebook (Windows Phone UK)