Alienware laptops powered by NVIDIA's GTX 10 series graphics set to debut at PAX West

Now that NVIDIA's new GTX 10 series graphics chips for notebooks are here, it's time again for an avalanche of hardware refreshes from manufacturers. And while Dell hasn't decided to show its hand just yet, the company just announced that it will show off its latest Alienware notebooks powered by GTX 10 series chips at Pax West in September.

According to Dell, it sounds like we're going to get updates across the board, from the large Alienware 17 to the smaller Alienware 15, and the even smaller Alienware 13. However, we'll have to wait until Pax West to learn more. Luckily, Alienware fans won't have to wait to long: Dell is set for a midnight unveiling on September 2 — the official first day of the conference.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Dell has cooked up with NVIDIA's latest mobile GPUs? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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