AlphaJax update misplaces user stats and games - fix on the way

AlphaJax is quite the popular Xbox game for Windows Phone. Much of that stems from its relatively smooth asynchronous online play, though the game being free certainly helps. Before AlphaJax graduated to Xbox Live status, it was originally a popular indie game. The transition to Xbox Live introduced a few bugs, which we’ve all been hoping would be fixed with a patch.

Good news, bad news time! The first update for AlphaJax has finally arrived. Now for the bad news: the developer recommends that you skip this update. Full details after the break.

Before we talk about what went wrong, let’s look at the issues that this update actually fixes.

AlphaJax version 1.1 release notes

  • Fixes a chat icon bug in which the new message icon stayed on after messages had been checked
  • Alignment issue in the my stats page where positions were hidden is now corrected
  • Some achievement glitches should now be fixed.
  • Users can now opt out of random and/or skill match requests.

All welcome improvements. However…

Critical failure

Unfortunately, while the update went through testing as planned, the actual publication didn’t go so well. Somehow on Microsoft’s end, the patch went up with an incorrect configuration file. Basically, the version that got pushed to users is meant for testing but not actual consumption.

As a result, users running version 1.1 don’t have access to their pre-update in-progress games or even their stats. The update resets a user’s ranking to 1000, making it look like all progress has been lost. Considering how long it’s taken me just get to get to 1240 (the ranking system is so busted in general), my glasses almost shattered when I saw my rank sink back down a couple hundred points.

Help is on the way

Fear not, crossword enthusiasts. Microsoft and developer Marker Metro are aware of the error and have a version 1.2 update in the works to restore things to proper working order. Users who have installed the tainted update will see their games and statistics restored once they grab the second patch. As for players who haven’t downloaded version 1.1 yet, don’t! Skip it and hold out for the next patch so that you can continue playing as normal.

Abridged dictionary

In the time that has passed since our Xbox Live AlphaJax review, I’ve become aware of a new issue affecting the game. Specifically, the dictionary leaves much to be desired. Early on, I noticed that afro, emo, and vias (plural of via) aren’t found in the game’s dictionary. But the most egregious omission is the world email! Come on, nobody has spelled it as e-mail since well before Windows Phone 7 even launched. Considering the game’s reliance on the internet to work, it should absolutely have as essential an online word as email.

There is an thread for users to submit words they would like to appear in the game’s dictionary. But when we contacted the developer, our contact couldn’t confirm whether a dictionary update will actually take place in the future. Let’s hope so, as besides the silly ranking system, the dictionary is the next greatest impediment towards long-term enjoyment of the game.

AlphaJax is a free download – grab it here from the Windows Phone Store. If downloading prior to the version 1.2 update, be aware that your version 1.1 stats and games won’t be retained after the update.

Thanks to Kshitij for alerting us to the update problems! Photo courtesy of The People's Marketing.

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