Is Amazon the best place to buy a Dell XPS 13 9370?

Best Accessories for Dell XPS 13 of 2018
Best Accessories for Dell XPS 13 of 2018

Is Amazon the best place to buy a Dell XPS 13 9370?

Best answer: Amazon is the best place to go for many things, but if you're buying an XPS 13 Dell is the place to purchase it.Dell: XPS 13 9370 ($999)

The most configuration options for a Dell XPS 13

Of anywhere you're going to find the Dell XPS 13, you're only likely to find every available configuration in both currently available colors on the Dell store. Amazon may well have some of them and may well be able to offer a slight discount, but you get whatever comes in the box.

On the Dell store, you'll be able to customize a little, adding things like more RAM, or upgrading to Windows 10 Pro for less than it would cost you to upgrade through the Microsoft Store.

Dell XPS 13 financing

Financing options are the preferred payment method for some people, especially on items as expensive as the XPS 13.

Dell offers a financing plan right from the store listing for the laptop, which, if approved, can help you spread the cost.

Dell does deals too

It's easy to assume that the best deals are found on Amazon and often that is the case. But Dell is pretty handy about offering first-party deals from its own store.

There's almost always some kind of deal or voucher code on the company's deals pages that can help you save a few more bucks on your XPS 13.

There's also the Dell Outlet to keep an eye on, where overstocked, discontinued and refurbished devices are often available with healthy discounts over the RRP.

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