Is Amazon the best place to buy a Samsung EVO Select memory card?

Is Amazon the best place to buy a Samsung EVO Select memory card?

Best answer: Amazon is the only place to buy the Samsung EVO Select microSD card as it is the Amazon exclusive brand name. Look no further, Amazon is it.Amazon: Samsung EVO Select 128GB microSD ($29)

It's an exclusive

While doing the research to answer this question, we found out the EVO Select is a rebranding of the EVO Plus model. The only difference is the color change on the microSD itself, from red to green, and that you can only buy the Select at Amazon.

Amazon got an exclusive right to sell the Select brand name here in the U.S. Originally, the Plus was for Europe; however, you can buy both microSD cards on Amazon anyway so your choices are still pretty varied.

If you decide you don't want to use Amazon you could buy the Samsung EVO Plus microSD card at Best Buy but beware, it is significantly more costly than the Select at Amazon.

It has the same specifications

In every way, the EVO Select is identical to the EVO Plus. It comes in the four sizes — 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB — as well as having the same 100Mbps write and 90Mbps read speeds as the Plus it even has the same grey SD Card adapter in the packet.

If you are using your microSD card for 4K video recording the Select and Plus both come with a U3 class speed, design for 4K so you can be confident that your recordings will come out great.

Shipping options

Because the EVO Select is sold exclusively at Amazon it has excellent shipping options. The EVO Select does qualify for standard two-day shipping with prime and one-day shipping is only $3.99 extra, so if you need it in a hurry you can get it easily enough. Because it's sold and fulfilled by Amazon they normally have a huge stock to draw from.

If you're lucky enough to live in one of the Amazon Now cities in the U.S. you can even have the EVO Select shipped to your door on the day you order it. Currently, there are a little under 50 cities that Prime Now is available in but if you are lucky enough to live in one of them you can get the Samsung EVO Select delivered to your door in as little as one hour.

For just $119 a year you can sign up for Amazon Prime, or if you're a student you can get a 6-month free trial and 50 percent off the standard price for four years or until you graduate. Given how much you can save in shipping in just that first free six months it seems like a no-brainer to sign up today.

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