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Amazon expands Prime same-day delivery to more metro areas in the U.S.

Amazon has announced the online retail giant has expanded its Prime same-day delivery service to more metro areas in the U.S. These include Charlotte, Cincinnati, Fresno, Louisville, Milwaukee, Nashville, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Stockton, and Tucson, as well as new areas in Central New Jersey, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

This delivery option allows consumers to place an order (worth over $35) in the morning and receive their products on the same day, even on Sunday. With the added areas noted above, the same-day delivery now covers 27 metro areas in the U.S. You'll need Amazon Prime to take advantage of this service, which will set you back $99 a year but includes a number of benefits.

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  • I ordered a vacuum on a Sunday and ot came..on Sunday!
  • It's really great. You have to order before 12 noon though. If you have an amazon student account, the prime is $49/year. The locker system is awesome!
  • I just use the $9.99 monthly option. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • How this news is related to MS or Windows?
  • Because I can order a 950XL on the internet and get it 2 hours later...
  • Because you can do it from your windows PC like more than 90% of computer users.
  • Because Microsoft and Amazon both benefit each other. A symbiosis of computer and computer accessible marketplace.
  • Because if you click on the link up above where it says "Amazon Prime" Windows Central will get a commission from all your purchases from Amazon for the next 90 days even if you don't buy prime.
  • And this article is related to Windows (therefore appears in Windows Central) because _________________________________ ?
  • See my reply above.
  • In the words of Giorgio Tsoukalos...Because...Aliens.
  • They need a UWP app.
  • Dude Amazon Logistics is taking over soon you won't need to go anywhere.
  • Nothing close to me...oh, well..
  • I pay less than $99 year on shipping for my Amazon purchases so I don't do prime. I've found that Amazon a lot of times not the lowest price.  Many times Target and Walmart's online prices are equal to or lower than Amazon and they have free in-store pick up. I used to buy everything on Amazon but I've learn that you have to check your prices.
  • Yes, its no where near as competitive any more, but there are still a ton of perks that make it a nice deal. Unlimited photo storage being one that tips the scales for me.
  • I've come to realize the same thing recently. Amazon is usually more expensive than store websites (like Walmart or Hastings) for a lot of stuff I order :P
  • Many times Target and Walmart have online prices cheaper than their in store prices.  Just order it online and pick up that day at your local store. Recently, Walmart had Samsung 32GB micro SD cards for $10 bucks online with free same day in store pick up.  Walmart's in store price was $20.  It pays to check the online prices of your local stores.  
  • Hopefully, Fresno includes the county in general. I live right next to the city...
  • I've had this option in my area for a while now and must say that the delivery service they use in my area is suspect at best. They've screwed up 3 out of 4 orders.
  • Louisville and Raleigh before St. Louis??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What about the Queen City of the Plains!! Hello, Denver?  :P