Score three of Amazon's updated Fire 7 tablets on sale for $110 total

You know what's better than one new Amazon Fire 7 tablet? THREE new Amazon Fire 7 tablets! Grab a variety pack featuring three different colored Fire 7 tablets (opens in new tab) on sale for $109.97. A single tablet (opens in new tab) sells for $50 so you're saving $40 with the discounted variety pack versus buying the tablets individually.

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Amazon Fire 7 tablet three item variety pack (opens in new tab)

It's easy to see the savings since the tablets go for $50 apiece.

Each tablet comes with 16GB internal storage, but you can also save on the 32GB variety pack (opens in new tab), which includes three tablets for $169.97. That's also $40 off versus buying the tablets at $70 individually (opens in new tab). The 32GB variety pack (opens in new tab) is also the only way to get a combination of Black, Blue, and Plum. That's the only color combo not available on the 16GB.

The Fire 7 tablet was just updated back in May, so you're getting Amazon's latest features with this deal. The biggest changes include a bump in default storage from 8GB to 16GB, a much faster processor, and built-in Amazon Alexa capabilities so you can control your smart home from your new device.

Upgrade your storage with a microSD card. The Fire 7 tablet now supports capacities up to 512GB (opens in new tab).

This deal screams of pre-Prime Day savings. Check out our Prime Day hub for even more savings as the big event gets closer.

John Levite
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