Amazon Music shows up in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Updated February 13, 2018: Amazon has announced that Amazon Music is now available on the Microsoft Store in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

It appears Amazon Music may be coming to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, as the app is now listed in the Store (opens in new tab) and appears to be slowly rolling out across regions. Amazon Music would be the latest of the "big name" apps to hit the Microsoft Store, joining the likes of Spotify, and soon iTunes. Looks like Windows 10 users are going to have no shortage of streaming apps available in the Store.

The app is a Win32 desktop program, meaning Amazon is using the Centennial bridge to bring its Windows desktop app to the Microsoft Store. We can confirm that the app features multiple tile sizes, which is nice. There's no word as to when the app will be made available for download, but the fact that the app is now listed in the Store should be a good sign.

It's worth noting that WhatsApp had its desktop app listed in the Store for over a year before it became available. Let's hope the same doesn't happen here, and that Amazon moves quickly to get the app out into the hands of Windows 10 users.

Amazon recently announced that it is bringing Alexa to Windows 10 PCs. Perhaps bringing the Amazon Music app to the Microsoft Store ties into Alexa on Windows? Regardless, are you interested in the Amazon Music app coming to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10? Let us know in the comments and let us know if you can download it already!

Download Amazon Music from the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks for the tip, @ArjanVeldhorst!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • They are looking for subscribers... Spotify has a upper hand. Not too late though lol
  • Thank God!! I need this so bad. It's tough to buy music now that music is gone from the store. Hopefully it will be easy to download songs so I can use them on Groove
  • Stop whyning. You already have the desktop app available..MS fanboy
  • Learn to spell.  And not everyone wants to use desktop programs.
  • I'm just wondering where this will download the music to, the system Music folder or into its own container for playback through Amazon Music only. My hope is that it's the former rather than the latter.
  • Defaults to user\music\amazon, but can be configured
  • More and more normal desktop software is coming to the store. That's very good for MS and more importantly for me. I prefer software via the Microsoft Store for obvious reason. But I still don't get it why Amazon haven't made an app for the Xbox yet. I can understand that mobile isn't worth it but Xbox?
  • Maybe this plus Cortana/Alexa is a step in that direction. Also, makes you wonder if Cortana will be able to stream Amazon Music. Maybe that's part of the hold up. Centennial apps are bridges...meant to get you in the Store. Long term, MS wants native UWP apps though.
  • Would be nice if it came to Cortana Invoke speaker.
  • I'm hoping for this also.. fingers crossed..
  • It would be nice if it came to the phone, Xbox, VR etc. too. Having to subscribe to two services is not sensible. This should have been UWP as there is zero advantage in tarting up a legacy app for a music service. Deezer and Spoticast are far better options.
  • Hoping for anything to come to Windows phones is a long ask right now
  • Napster has a good UWP app tht works on PC, Xbox One, VR.  
  • I have long thought that, apart from the shootout in the cloud hosting corral, Microsoft and Amazon have a lot to offer each other in the face of Google and Apple.
  • This is why I bought an Echo Dot, for Amazon Music Unlimited and Alexa. If they both came to the Invoke I might buy it.
  • Would an app like this even be possible on mobile? What would happen if they clicked the "Windows Phone" button when they submitted it to the store? Would it be glitchy or too tiny to press on the buttons?
  • Do centennial apps work on mobile? I would think not.
  • Do they work on tablets? I would think they do.
  • Were you wanting to know if it'll work on Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 on a tablet?
  • Last I checked, Centennial apps do not work on mobile. Now if this was a newly built UWP app, then it wouldn't take much to make available for Windows phones, however this is not the case.
  • I have to disagree. I think that while Microsoft definitely would *like* UWP, they're m more excited about PWA. They've already announced that some of their own apps are prepping for conversion to PWA. They're all about delivering a similar experience across devices. PWA does that way more than UWP, because UWP, won't work for Android or iOS. Google and MS have already made it clear that they'll push the PWA wagon together. I don't follow Amazon or Apple very much, but I'm sure they're getting ready to move in that direction. I'm sure within a few years applications like Amazon Music will be available as a PWA across all platforms.
  • Users do not need MS's UWP junk on IOS and Android. There, they have proper apps, not pathetic web wrappers and app-wannabe PWAs.
  • @mmgn do realize that Google pioneered PWA technology and their long term goal is for that tech to replace the current apps on Android. You know that, right?  If you're going to troll, at least be good at it. As it stands now, you're a pathetic amateur.
  • I prefer outside the store. I can control what gets installed. For example, desktop icon, quick icon, taskbar, install folder, drive location, extra crap like Bonjour included...
  • But apart from install folder you have control over all that with UWP. OK, I know UWPs don't come bundled with extra stuff like Bonjour, but many people prefer that and you can download that stuff separately if you really want.
  • I'm going to hazard a guess here and say that the "extra crap" is the reason why iTunes still isn't on the Store yet.
  • Yeah right and don't forget the update tool and the changes to the registry
  • As a Prime subscriber, if Amazon were to release an xbox and mobile app, I could easily stop needing Spotify. I know mobile is a huge longshot, but if they developed a UWP app for Xbox, it could come along for almost nothing.
  • Napster has a UWP app as well as iOS and Android apps. It works all Windows 10 devices (PC, Xbox One, Mobile, etc.)  
  • Amazon should make a decent Prime Video app, the Netflix app on Windows 10 is brilliant and far better than using a browser
  • I can't say it's brilliant.. Does the basics pretty well, but no double click for full screen, no kb shortcuts nor mouse gestures to skip +/- xxsecs
  • About bloody time for only need a prime video app like the Xbox one app and I'll be sorted
  • This is hilarious! Apple delays their pile of crap player, and the trolls who now run this site take to the comments to declare Microsoft at fault. Meanwhile, Amazon releases their player on the Microsoft Store (something we were told was a failure) as a Win32 app that uses the bridge (something we also were told was a failure), and it works just fine, listening to music right now. But I guess it is still Microsoft's fault, Apple is brilliant, Amazon is a failure, blah, blah, blah, insert more Apple fanboy troll logic here.
  • The Bridge is a sign of the failure. It wouldn't exist if the store and UWP was successful in any way.
  • And right on cue, the useless troll makes his appearance with his useless commentary that makes no sense. Imagine if someone said to Apple "more apps on your store means that you are a failure." And yet, we have been told the complete lack of apps on the Mac Store somehow means that they are successful. Yes, bleached showing, once again, Apple fanboy logic.
  • I agree with beeched. Btw, by calling him a troll, you are trolling yourself. Just because somebody disagrees with doesn't mean they are wrong or right it's an opinion. When you start attacking somebody by calling them a troll is means you are losing the argument.
  • I call him a troll because he is one. Look over his post history, he does the usual thing of claiming to be a Microsoft fan, but yet everything he talks about is Apple and how everything they do is perfect. If I were to go to iMore and start talking about how everything Microsoft is perfect while Apple is junk, how long would it take for them to run me off for being a troll? I have been run off of Apple fan sites when I was writing positively towards Apple, but not positive enough. Besides, if I am a troll and losing the argument for calling someone a troll, when you call me a troll, doesn't that mean that you lost the argument and yourself are the troll?
  • I have never even been to iMore. Maybe once on accident. I use all Google products and services along with Windows 10 PCs. Have been a Microsoft fanboy since Windows 95. The last 10 years have been hard though.
  • You can't even read right. I never said you go to iMore. The exact, unedited quote from my comment: "If I were to go to iMore and start talking about how everything Microsoft is perfect while Apple is junk, how long would it take for them to run me off for being a troll?" But that is how you operate. You don't read, you don't actually address what I wrote in my comment, you just pick out a few words, twist them to take them out of context, add a lot of make-believe, and then pretend that you have won the argument. And honestly, I don't believe anything you say when you claim that you are a Microsoft fanboy. I have seen the same from people like you over and over and over again on sites like this. People who suddenly appear, claim they are Microsoft fans, have nothing but criticism. And then after a while the cracks start to show, can't keep consistency in their story and then it all falls apart. And everything you have said and done looks like one of those people. Oh, and I have been using MS software since on my Commodore Pet, through C-64, MS-DOS 2.11, and through Windows.
  • I have been commenting here for years. You said I was an apple fanboy and yet I have never even been to iMore. That was my point.
  • You, sir, are a Google fanboy as evidenced by "I use all Google products and services...". The point is that you have to post something negative on EVERY article that has something positive to do with Microsoft and Windows and it now seems that people have grown tired of your constant trolling. Microsoft fanboy since Windows 95, pfft, try Windows 2.0. I just love it when trolls get called out and then they try to deny it!!!!
  • Most of the time, I'd agree with you. But this guy is a known troll around here. He writes negative comments here continually, just to make fans bite on it. Because that's what makes him happy 😁
  • I have never said anything about the Mac store. Don't know anything about it. I really don't use any Apple products. Microsoft created the Win32 bridge, whatever it is called, because UWP failed. It was the only way they could get any apps in the store. How do you not see that?
  • Yes, companies delivering more software, enabling people to download and use their software, means it is a failure. But you are a great Microsoft fanboy. Right, a million apps on the store means UWP is a failure. 16+ million more apps that are already written using Win32 that could be placed on the store only means that it is even more of a failure, right? You remind me of a "journalist" who started a couple web sites who claimed that Apple had a great ecosystem for the iPad because they had all kinds of cases for those iPads, but the 100,000+ devices and millions of software packages means that Windows has no ecosystem. These are just the falacies and usual talking points of Apple fanboys, and ones that you keep regurgitating.
  • You do know that none of these bridged apps will work natively on WoA, Windows 10 Polaris and so on? They will all have to be emulated in 1 way or the other.
  • Then why didn't Microsoft have the bridge available from the start if it is so great? It isn't hard for them to package Win32, they could easily had that functionality ready to go with the release of Windows 10. It is a admission of failure, they can't get developers using UWP, so they have to resort to Win32 even though they obviously didn't want to.
  • A Million UWP apps in the store? :))) where did you get that number? Jeez, how more pathetic you fanboys can get?
  • As pathetic as a fanboy hopping on competing sites calling them fanboys. 
  • Actually Bleached is an android lover.   But I have to say...WHAT NO CANADA?  Come on amazon.  I would jump on the amazon music bandwagon for sure.  Plus Prime for the Grand Tour.  
  • Had too much of Nadella's ****, fanboy? Go eat some more if you hate reality.
  • Yeah, because you can replace a decades old system (win32) in a minute... UWP is on the rise, and the bridges are very important. But you'll never understand it...
  • He understands it, but it does not fit into the narrative that he and his friends have created to scare people away from Windows to his favorites. It is FUD, pure and simple. A user doesn't care if it is UWP, Win32, HTML, or something else, they just want apps. People like bleached create a store that there are no apps for Windows, and when they are shown they are wrong, they need to find a way to perpetuate their narrative. And it is always circular: They claim there are no apps, but when there are apps they change the story to there is no quality apps, when they are shown quality apps (such as the Amazon one here) then they change the store to there are no original apps; when they are shown there are original apps that are not on other platforms, then they wrap around and claim there are no apps. They do understand this, but they just bring up the same old disproven arguments over and over again, and will continue to use the same argument until the Apple collective decides it is time for a new one.
  • Like it or not, he has a point or two there. A lot of these apps are win32 in uwp container that allows them to be hosted on the store. While that's not a problem atm it will become in the future when less techy people start buying cheaper ARM devices thinking they are getting the full windows experience and face emulation on top of already slow hardware. The store is a mess with no clear indication of which apps will run natively and which won't.
  • That's the thing.  We don't know what the experience is with emulation on an ARM device.  If it ends up being transparent to the user than I don't see a problem.
  • Dell doesn't seem to think it is worthy.
  • And many are now pointing fingers at Dell for not joining the guinea pigs like HP. We've all seen how well that junk X3 from HP managed all the way...Some OEMs do have brains and do not wish risking their capital and time on another possibly FAILED MS project. MS has a proven history of bad behavior and Dell wants no part of another "may be" project
  • And it may very well be an awful experience.  I'll hold judgment until the second gen and see how the experience is.  If I can get Core M levels of performance than I'll pick one up instantly.  If Atom or worse than it's a no go for me.
  • @novakkosanovic but that just presumes the state all application won't progress beyond these uwp containers and that is a flawed presumption.
  • @nohone it's the perfect circular system of 'logic' and you're not the only one to notice it lol. Since it's based on some sort of "logic" people are will project their own opinions based upon it because most usually cannot see beyond their bubble and sooner or later there is a following 😅.
  • Nope, UWP is not on the rise, cuz you can't count bridged apps (they simply won't work natively on uwp only versions of windows). The truth is I can't think of a single truly useful productivity UWP app except for scetchable and Adobe XD (not even sure about those 2)
  • Not a single decent UWP app. Even Microsoft's own apps are rarely UWP.
  • name one decent app for android and ios. I'm sure uwp apps are far better than them. Problem is not uwp but Microsoft. without mobile uwp will not succeed no matter how Microsoft tries on the desktop.
  • So they shouldn't offer tools to make it easy to port over their old software when new a new OS architecture is developed?
  • It's an app that wasn't there before and works.
  • I wouldn't say the Windows app store is a failure but their mobile app store unfortunately was.
  • It's not just listed. I can see it big on the apps section of homepage. And it is downloadable
  • I don't know if it is just me or not, But store seems to be growing rapidly. Mostly, I guess its because of PC games. I Think that in turn increased the overall traffic to the store, which ultimately means more downloads and more store apps discovery by general public
  • I don't stream and last time I checked, Amazon downloads are only ~256Mb/sec rather the better 320
  • Don't seem to be many other options to buy digitally unless you buy the source disc and rip yourself.
  • 7 Digital, many of their downloads are FLAC 16 or 24 bit. Bandcamp have FLAC for everything
  • Will Cortana on the Invoke be able to play from Amazon music? If so, I'll switch to Amazon music from Google music for sure.
  • This would be great, I still like apple music better because the selection is much bigger
  • Win32. 😑. That sucks.
  • Well at least now there's a place where we can all tell Amazon we want a UWP app (with Xbox support) and a video player app for Windows.
  • Xbox app next?
  • shame there's nowt for mobile: just been on store and its not available yet, for PC in UK
  • whats the down vote for?
  • I prefer Amazon music to Spotify. And I prefer store apps to traditional desktop apps. And I prefer any other poster to bleached.
  • This is awesome! Prime Video next please!
  • Amazon doesn't announce and delivers. Apple announces and doesn't deliver.
  • That's exactly why you never announce anything or at the very least don't announce anything until it's ready.
  • Or make the annoucement to stir up excitement but without a timeline.
  • Has anyone noticed a problem with the homepage on mobile phones. The number of comments appear out of the bubble, they should be in. Can confirm it on Firefox for Android and chrome.
  • This is a good sign for a lot of reasons.  There are a lot of streaming apps, but you rarely find good music buying apps.  Speaking of which, does anyone know any good ones?  MSFT really took a gamble (calculated I'm sure) in pulling the plug on Groove music.
  • I think that's what everything is moving towards in regards to media.  Streaming over purchasing.
  • Awesome news, the more the merrier.
  • Agreed 100 percent techfreak1
  • Glad to see more apps enter the store.  About to get Affinity Designer from the Windows Store later today to replace Adobe Illustrator. 
  • UWP? Probably not.
  • I'd like a Win 10 app but not through the Microsloth store in a tile.  Tiles are a horrible reminder of that disaster known as Windoze 8.
  • Am I missing something here? ―I clicked the link in the article to Microsoft Store, clicked "Get" and Amazon Music downloaded and installed. Then I logged into my account. Soo seems it's currently available.  
  • It wasn't available at the time of writing.