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AMC app comes to Xbox One with full episodes of The Walking Dead and more

Keeping up with your Walking Dead fix just got a little easier if you own an Xbox One. The AMC app is now available for Xbox One (via Reddit), serving up the latest full episodes and video clips from the cable network's slate of shows.

If you've used the AMC app on PC or other platforms, you'll know what to expect here. Clips and episodes are available for streaming from shows like The Walking Dead, Preacher, Better Call Saul and Humans, among others. Like other apps from various networks, you can also use the credentials for your TV provider to log in and check out full seasons of available shows.

Though you'll still have to sit through commercials, the app is a convenient way to catch up on AMC's excellent lineup of shows. If you'd like to check out the app for yourself, you can download AMC from the store on your Xbox One now.

See at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Wow, nice background theme.
  • Very nice! I would love to get my hands on a few like that.
  • Thanks for that, really awesome background
  • I need that wallpaper.
  • Is there away to do a single sign on for your cable provider or do you have to log into your cable provider for each network?
  • App by app basis.
  • Love that OG Xbox background theme! Any help in how to get it please? ☺
  • Read below.
  • Where's the Mobile version with Continuum support? :)
  • US-only?
  • Why not a universal app? Has the universal app idea been preetymuch a bust?
  • I don't understand why and how Daniel always has the best wallpaper for anything
  • Where did you find the wallpaper?
  • R U B I C O N
  • The wallpaper is from the new theme app in the Xbox app store. They have the Xbox 360 blades UI as well.
  • Thanks... Will have to check that out. Though I do love my Fallout achievement background with the mushroom cloud.
  • Thanks. What's the actual name of the app?
  • "Theme My Xbox"
  • Thanks!!!
  • Does it have 5.1 audio support??
  • Gorgeous background!☺
  • App is called Theme My Xbox its pretty nice
  • Is this insider-only or something? I'm not seeing it in the xbone app store. Just need ABC and CBS (not All-Access) apps and we'd have all the bases covered, though I think there's no chance of the latter, annoyingly. Glad to see that AT&T added the xbone in the coming soon help area for DirecTV Now apps. That'll solve my other gap.
  • The timing couldn't have been better! Thanks Xbox team!
  • For us in UK?
  • Frustratingly, the app logs you in by giving you a code that you need to enter on an authentication website (like most of the other Xbox apps) -- but unlike AMC's apps on iOS or the web, it doesn't offer TWC Spectrum as a provider. Even Spectrum's customer support has no clue why, because they obviously have an agreement in place to allow their customers to use the AMC app everywhere else. Wtf, AMC??!!