Ancient Cities is an upcoming PC game city builders should keep an eye on

Cities: Skylines provided players with a blank canvas to construct and manage their own modern city, but what if you wish to take a trip thousands of years ago and start a colony way back then? This is what Ancient Cities from Uncasual Games plans to offer. The title is a real-time strategy civilization simulator that touches on exploration, the evolution of colonies, as well as the introduction of technology.

The game has already gone through Steam Greenlight, surpassed a goal on Kickstarter, and is now on Indiegogo to continue funding for development and more content for release. Here's the goal with Ancient Cities:

We love tech, strategy games, history, archaeology and cities. We dream, as you do, with a gorgeous strategy city simulator, focused in history and realism, that lets the player develop its city through the ages in a credible and immersive way.

What makes Ancient Cities intriguing to someone who enjoys a solid real-time strategy or city builder experience is the ability to start fresh in the Neolithic era and take a colony through the ages. The team has already built a stable foundation with the absolute essentials already coded. Things like citizen needs, technology advancement, exploration, day/night cycles, and basic AI are all stated to be developed.

Ancient Cities

That said, there's still a long way to go and this game isn't slated for release until December 2018. The developer has shared some features that are planned for release:

  • Discover the lands with parties.
  • Develop relationships with factions.
  • Other cities for raiding, trade, and more.
  • Migration will be simulated (religion, tech, culture).
  • Hunter parties.
  • World events to change the course of history.
  • Defensive structures, including walls, towers, and more.
  • The introduction of finite natural resources.
  • Unlock weapons and tools for construction.
  • Religion will play a major role, as well as politics.
  • Increased number of clothes, animals, building types, etc.
  • Citizen traits (religion, culture, etc.)
  • Simulated health and sickness.

Ancient Cities

Interested in backing the game ahead of release? Head over to the Indiegogo page to make a pledge. We'll be sure to cover the game as it nears release next year and will no doubt have a review published to see if Ancient Cities is worth your time.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • Woot! Sounds interesting. Could take me back to the good ol' days playing settlers.
  • I won't be following this, I feel I've gotten to old to eagerly await a game release for months on end. However if this catches my eye when it launches, it looks like a good concept and I would probably buy it.
  • Sounds good...
    Hope can run this game on my SP4...
  • Sounds good...
    Hope can run this game on my SP4...
  • Haha I hope the same for my SP3 but it would probably obly run on devices with a dedicated graphiscs card
  • Too many bad start up funding stories to back yet. Looks promising, but I'll just keep an eye out for now.
  • This whole model of overhyping games before they exist is getting old. Especially paying for them before they're even close to release. I hope this ends because to be honest it only really benefits game developers. And there's many examples of some of them taking advantage of this.
  • The greed of the few should not tarnish the goodwill of the majority.
  • Oohh, a godless, creatureless Black & White! I'd play this. Also, bring back Black & White.
  • I'll have a look at it closer to release.
  • If its ever a finished funcional game it could be great; but I would be rather sceptical of a dev studio that first run a Kickstarter, and now again are running an IndieGoGo campaign; if the Kickstarted set target was not enough, it should have been set higher, instead of now trying to substitute the missing funds by another crowd funding campaign. I wish the devs success, but these sort of practices put doubt as to whether the game is ever actually going to be more then just a concept. Waiting for full release on this one.