And now the Dell Venue Pro joins the Mango crowd

Earlier we reported that the HTC HD7S has received the Mango Update ahead of schedule. We are now learning the Dell Venue Pro wasn't too far behind and is also receiving the official Mango update.

The update process, in my case, was a three step process. First the Mango Update was applied, then the Beta Cleanup was applied and finally a Dell Update was applied. As with the HD7S, I was running the Beta Mango on the Venue Pro.  You won't see the Cleanup portion of the process unless you were running the Beta.  The Dell portion of the process updates the Venue Pro's firmware.

When all was done (about thirty minutes) the OS version is now 7.10.7720.68 and the firmware is 2250.1800.7720.219. There is one caveat to share. My Dell Venue Pro is unlocked and we're not sure if this update is being pushed through to the carrier branded (T-Mobile and AT&T) models. If you have a branded Dell Venue Pro, feel free to share in the comments if you're seeing the update as well.

Thanks goes out to Aaron for the tip!

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  • I updated mine and my wifes phones today using the wifi shut off article and it worked. Although our are not "branded" it is not unlocked and the update was successful. The thing I noticed is that the computer you used to do the first phone will autmogaically do the second phone and assumption of every phone after. Also it is the same OS and firmware numbers you have.So yes the update is pushed through for at least T-Mobile.
  • Did mine last night too. Had to force it but it worked just fine.
  • But do HD7S and DVP on NoDo and NOT Mango beta get the updates?
  • My device(s) also updated (DVP and HD7 on TMO US). I didn't have to use the internet trick though... it just updated while I was trying to sync some apps. My Visual Voicemail isn't working though on either device. Anyone else have this issue?
  • I know this sounds stupid, but did you turn the slider on?Nevermind it isn't working for me either.
  • I have an unlocked dell venue pro and was able to get the 7403 update to appear but ended up getting the 801812DD error. SO I am back to 7392! Anyone experience this?
  • You have to have the internet on...I experience this too is do to the fact that you prob dont have Zune up to date...
  • Anyone know how an unlocked Samsung Focus gets the update in Mongolia?
  • I received the update at around 3pm for my Venue Pro. Perhaps I got lucky. Either way, it's good to see it become official.
  • I am currently updating my AT&T branded DVP, so looks like that got pushed ahead bigtime!Currently on the bundle cleanup step.
  • good for you. However, I still could not see the update :(
  • starting to wonder if i should flash the RTM from xda, seems that those are being updated already whereas sim-locked att dvp's aren't even in the scheduling phase.
  • My DVP is updating . . .2 of 9 downloading updates 29% :) yuppyTq WP central for the trick ;)
  • Is yours unlocked or carrier branded?
  • It's not carrier branded.
  • didn't see any notification till now on my unlocked DVP here in Hong Kong.
  • I downloaded the update well before I saw this post this morning.. Since then though I have encountered two issues, the first being my DVP is much quieter than it use to be at max volume, the second, I cant use 3G data at all, IE, MSN etc all fail to connect even after redoing them all...
  • Mine is working fine
  • I have updated to Mango and after the update the natural keyboard doesn't support some languages such as Greek, when i slide the keyboard and typing it switches into english and pressing the buttons for language change doesn't have as an option greek. when o close the slide keyboard, the on screen works fine.Anyone?
  • This only happened to me with early betas, with 7720 Mango it work just fine :)
  • I plugged my DVP in at 5:30PM est yesterday, and the update was ready for me. Unfortunately the Dell update (the one that fixed the wifi bug I presume) kept getting errors. Sucks...I was hoping to finally rid myself of this wifi lockup bug
  • I've already being using Mango since the leaked RTM, and when I plugged in to Zune it prompted just the new Dell Update, feels good not to be on the bad zone of "no update for you" or had needed to downgrade with backup to re-update.
  • I got the same thing and was pleasantly surprised...loving this organization Microsoft did with this update hope all future ones are the same....
  • This is fantastic. If I decide to stay on AT&T, the DVP and it's great portrait slider is now an option. Happy for everyone who is updated!!
  • I used the update trick on my T-Mobile DVP around 1PM (?) yesterday. I called T-Mobile a short while ago and activated VVM. They said wait up to 2 hours, and so far a half hour in, it won't let me turn it on.