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Angry Birds Rio gets 15 new levels with latest update for Windows Phone 8

Are you a fan of Angry Birds and you just can’t get enough? Then make sure you head to the Store to grab Angry Bird Rio, version 1.7, which is now live for Windows Phone 8 (the 7.x version has not yet been updated).

So what does version 1.7 bring? Bug fixes? Performance enhancements? Nope, how about some actual new gameplay with the Golden Beachball pack.

Angry Birds Rio v1.7 changes

  • Enjoy the sunset in 15 new beach levels!
  • Unlock bonus levels by collecting all the golden cherries!
  • Fun surprises including floating pig balloons and inflatable fish pool toys!

Not a bad update from Rovio, who have been fairly regular lately with updates to their Angry Birds lineup on Windows Phone. In fact, we now have five Angry Birds titles, including Original, Rio, Star Wars, Seasons and Space. This month we’ll be adding a sixth to that list with Angry Birds Star Wars II, which lands on September 19th.

Angry Birds Rio features 225 action packed levels along with 45 bonus levels (maybe more with today’s update, hard to tell). This version of the game is optimized for Windows Phone 8 (HD graphics) and is Xbox Live enabled for those achievement hunters out there.

We’ll keep an eye out to see if the 7.x version gets updated too.

Angry Birds Rio – Windows Phone 8 – 99 cents – 28 MB – Store Link

Thanks, Kyle, for the tip

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Awesome!
  • Angry birds pisses me off
  • Do people actually still play angry birds??
  • yes it's a cool game for phones, why we should not ?
  • No I did not mean it that ways.
    I stopped playing it quite some time ago.Was pretty bored with the concept.But that doesn't mean that other people feel the same.Does it? :)
  • Exactly lol.
  • i do sometimes
  • Sure why not?  Works well on phones, and Star Wars and Space versions have introduced some new play mechanics that gave it a fresh feel.
  • I played the heck out if it only on wp7 when it came out, then a bunch once I got wp8 at launch. After so many levels there is only so much I can take. Especially with there being so many good games for WP now. But the wp8 versions of angry birds, HD optimized, are still beautiful and great games. I don't play them anymore but I have them all installed and they will stay installed. One day I'll have an angry birds binge I'm sure.
  • I'm a pretty heavy Xbox gamer and I like Angry Birds, it's a very well made game for phone (unlike fps's). Yes Rovio is mainly a one trick pony, but Angry Birds is good.
  • My favorite Angry Birds.
  • +1020
  • I love Angry Birds..I'd rather play that then edit some stupid Word doc .....
  • Daniel, is September already.
  • He went back in time to write the article.
  • I have never owned android it iPhone and have never played angry birds on PC. Played a lot of ab1 on wp7, and ab star wars and space on wp8 but I've never played Rio or seasons With star wars and space being awesome, was afraid Rio and seasons would be a step back. Regardless I probably should just do them.
  • Does anyone actually sitll play this game ?
  • These levels don't count towards the 500 stars achievement for some strange reason!