Another Xbox One Preview build is on its way with fixes to Cortana and the download queue

Another Xbox One Preview build is slated to land later today, bringing more fixes ahead of the update's public launch. This latest build is expected to bring fixes to the download queue, which can occasionally get stuck, in addition to improvements to Cortana phrases.

Xbox platform head Mike Ybarra tweeted that the new build would head out at around 6PM PDT to members of the Xbox One Preview:

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My Games & Apps

  •  Resolved an issue which could cause certain universal apps (Movies & TV) and updates to get stuck in the queue.
  • The user's selected background color should now be applied to game and app tiles appearing in Updates and Ready to install.


  • Resolved an issue which caused certain phrases like "Hey Cortana play music", "Hey Cortana launch videos" to return an error rather than launch Groove Music or Movies & TV.
  • Build contains a fix to address Cortana failing to launch certain games and apps. 

Blu-Ray Player

  • You should no longer encounter "Installation Stopped" errors when attempting to download or update the Blu-Ray Player app. 
Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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