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What you need to know

  • Respawn Entertainment announced earlier this year that Apex Legends would be getting cross-play.
  • Today, Respawn Entertainment shared that the Apex Legends cross-play beta is beginning on October 6.
  • Cross-progression is not currently possible but the team will have "more to share" at a later date.

Earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment revealed that Apex Legends was getting cross-play sometime later in the fall. Today, we finally have a date: Apex Legends cross-play beta begins on October 6 alongside the latest Collection Event, Aftermarket. You can check out some of the different skins available in Aftermarket in the video below:

Cross-play will be enabled by default for this test, while players will be able to add friends by searching for their usernames, regardless of platform. You can choose to disable cross-play but it will likely make search times for matches much longer. Cross-play party chat will be available through the in-game chat system. Players on console will not be matched with PC players unless a player on console is in a party with a player on PC.

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Apex Legends is continuing to grow and expand, with a new hero and crafting system added during Season 6. Earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment opened a new studio dedicated to Apex Legends and the game is coming to both Steam and Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. Cross-progression is not currently available but Respawn will have "more to share" at a later date.

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