App Update Roundup: Cal, Metrotube, TrueCaller, Lockmix and more

We're slowly grinding through this week, covering news and looking at what's next for Microsoft and its platforms. Developers have been busy cranking out updates left, right and center to keep consumers happy with new features, bug addressing and more. We'll round up some of the updates that have passed through the store.

Cal 1.4

The update for Cal is a small, but important release. This latest version, to be exact, adds Windows Phone 8.1 support in the form of transparent live tiles. Should you be rocking the developer preview of the next major Windows Phone release, you'll be pleased to hear that Cal will now integrate nicely to reveal those awesome backgrounds you have set up.

QR: Cal


This is a super neat app for Windows Phone which helps smartphone owners see who's calling them. There may have been numerous times when an unknown caller is contacting you and you simply do not know whether it's best to answer or block the call. TrueCaller helps to solve this issue. What's more is you're also able to block calls and ensures the phone book is up-to-date.

The latest update (version brings the following:

  • New design to take advantage of Modern UI
  • Editable personal profiles
  • Spam notifications will show when an unwanted caller is ringing the phone
  • Verified badges help everyone figure out who's legit and who isn't
  • 29 languages

This is all thanks to a new development team formed of quality folk who know Windows Phone inside and out. We recommend this app, especially if you're slightly paranoid about unwanted callers.

QR: TrueCaller

Pocket Sheep

Pocket Sheep is one of the popular listings from Nokia's AppCampus. The game puts the player in charge of herding cute little sheep through levels to safety. In the latest release, the developers have added 90 collectable cards for players to grab. Complete each level to unlock them all.

Pocket Sheep

QR: Pocket Sheep


Metrotube is a premium Youtube client for Windows Phone. Just like Cal above, this latest release adds support for transparent Live Tiles in Windows Pone 8.1, letting you further personalize the Start screen with custom backgrounds.

QR: MetroTube

Odds and ends

As well as the above apps, we have also been made aware of the following receiving updates:

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