App Update Roundup: Line, Microsoft Translator, Endomondo and more

The weather's good here in the UK (caution: this is not a drill!) and we're here again with yet another batch of app updates on the Windows Phone platform. From Microsoft's own Translator app to Edomondo, we've got you covered should you happen to be out the loop. Head past the break for the full run through of recent updates released to the store.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

This useful Translator app enables you to quickly and conveniently translate text and other content for free. After getting a design refresh in a previous version, the app has been updated to 2.9, which includes the following:

  • Camera translation for Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish
  • Offline translation for Polish and Turkish
  • Online translation for Maltese and Welsh
  • Wide live tile

If you haven't used Translator yet, we strongly urge you to give it a try. It's a sweet little app, particularly useful for when abroad.

QR: Bing Translator



Endomondo is a sweet app for tracking your fitness stats when you go on a long run or bike ride. Not only does it work as an activity tracker, but has personal training aspects as well. Using the built-in GPS in your Windows Phone it's able to track nearly any outdoor sport.

Version appears to be the massive update we previously looked at. Included in this release:

  • Redesigned UI, with all new icons and styles
  • Bing Maps replaced with WP8 Maps
  • WP8 Text to Speech integration for audio coach (for now supports only English)
  • Settings synchronization with server (units, weight, Facebook sharing, etc.)
  • Fixed Facebook integration; Single sign-on support, workout sharing
  • Workout history synchronization - you can now download workouts from server, you can also delete workouts
  • Load older entries in news feed
  • Added more sports
  • Live tile removed for the time being
  • -Multiple bug fixes

We recommend Endomondo for anyone who wishes to use their Windows Phone to monitor their fitness program.

QR: Endomondo

Odds and ends

Not only have we been notified of app updates with change logs, but there have been a number of store listings that have received minor bumps. Check out some more apps below:

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