Ashton Kutcher stars in Lenovo's YOGA 3 Pro ads

Lenovo unveiled a host of new products yesterday, including the YOGA 3 Pro. To market the device, the manufacturer is calling in the services of its product engineer, none other than Ashton Kutcher.

In the videos, Kutcher illustrates how the YOGA 3 Pro comes to his aid while doing everyday tasks, like knitting and painting. Take a look at both the ads, and let us know what you like (or don't) about them in the comments below. As for the YOGA 3 Pro, make sure you check out our hands-on video of the convertible below.

What do you guys think of the YOGA 3 Pro?

Source: YouTube

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Canon, Apple, and now Lenovo. He must be technologically ambivalent.
  • You are right sir!!
  • He's a troll
  • No. He is a paid sponsor.
  • It was Nikon and perhaps the deciding factor on why I went with Canon. I love my ThinkPad - I think I'm on my tenth or eleventh now. Enough so that even with this troll I'll stay with the brand.
  • Great ads!
  • Knitting?
  • Damn it Microsoft. Now we have to get Jennifer Lawrence to use Windows Phone in an Ad. Shes probably okay with trying other brands since Apple didnt work too well!
  • Lol, yeah
  • Kate Upton has my vote. If she can do for a phone what she did for a hamburger....
  • Absolutely
  • I second that
  • People forgot that Jessica Alba was used earlier to promote Windows phone. Not sure if she's still on the wagon though.
  • THIS.
    jennifer lawrence for WP. and all ze zombie will hop in to the platfrom = increased mrketshare and brand awareness. yeahhhba!
  • Imagine if Justin Beaver or Taylor did the ads for the L730 selfie phone. :O
  • As much as I hate the thought, I think it'd probably blow up. Ugh. It would be a nuclear explosion if One Direction did it though.
  • Lol i like Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Kate Upton
  • We do have Katy Perry kind of promoting Windows Phone
  • I miss ads like the Apple computer manuals, where the selling point is made clear as day.
  • I think that the hinge messes with the design.
  • I (and most men I've known) find him irritating. Women seem to like him though. If that's their market...
  • Omg another celebrity! I want this device now!
  • They lost me, I just don't like kutcher
  • well, nobody is asking you to get Kutcher.
  • Well, those were...interesting...
  • Haha, Lenovo chose the star of the movie "Jobs" to present their new laptop.  Brilliant move.
  • That is one thin laptop... I wonder how long the battery life will be in everyday use. Should be awesome right?
  • Intel Core M enabled massive reduction in chip size and power consumption while maintaining Haswell performance. This is what PCs look like from now on. The Asus Transformer Chi is even more amazing:
  • I am thinking of the part where Steve calls Gates in Jobs Movie!! :p
  • Dude you're getting a Lenovo!  Get that guy.  However, as the prior owner of a problematic yoga original version, they lost me at "Lenovo".
  • Anyone could have done those ads... Kutcher was cast perfectly.
  • huh he doesn't even know how to unlock the screen :/ as for the yoga it looks beautiful !!
  • I was thinking the same. how do they ask a guy that's never used windows before to demostrate a windows PC
  • Uh now I will have to stop buying Lenovo just like I stopped buying Nikon all those years ago.
  • Isn't Ashton an Apple fanatic?
  • The end of this ad is the most anoying thing i've ever heard.
  • Screen bounce on the yogas drives me up the wall...
  • Ashton paid Lenovo probably.