Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag joins Call of Duty as this week's Deals with Gold

Microsoft's Larry Hryb has shared this week's Deals with Gold, enabling you to take full advantage of some sweet discounts on a variety of items from the Xbox Store. There are deals for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, so don't you dare feel left you for a single second, unless you happen to not own either console.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Picking anything up from the lists above? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Major Nelson

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  • Deals after deals, good
  • Deals are great, but I can't help but laugh at this situation with Assasin's Creed. Were there really SEVEN add-ons available to purchase? I suppose it now makes more sense as to why the game was free recently. Even free of charge, I couldn't really get into it.
  • I check out WC for some exciting WM10 news only to be disappointed with some; excuse my language WGAF game updates...Guys c'mon!
    where are the exciting news gone?
  • Well..there is nothing enough to be excited...
  • That's an odd reason to come here. This is Windows Central and not Windows Phone Central, after all.
  • WM10? Surely you mean W10M. :-)
  • Wow, is it at all possible for Microsoft to have worse deals? Xbox LIVE really does its best to be the worst digital store around.
  • It's embarrassing.
  • 604skr for call of duty.... In store it's like 299Skr and another 150-200 for some add-ons.
  • Season Pass costs another 449kr, which is included in this digital edition. So that's 600 in the Xbox Store instead of 750 from prisjakt.
  • No, you don't get the Season Pass just because you buy the game digitally.
  • The Digital Pro Edition comes with Season Pass and more. That is the one he's referring to for 604 Swedish crowns (kr/sek).
  • Oh, for some reason, I had Assassin's Creed in my head. I just kind of forget Advanced Warfare exists, since I got it free as well.
  • Let's see what the game with SP costs at Steam...oh...110€. Xbox store it costs 67€.
  • Sorry, what does Steam have to do with anything here? Like I said, got the digital copy on Xbox One for free, meaning I'd only have to buy the Season Pass. However, I don't like buying much of anything digitally, so I can't say I care either way.
  • It was just a comparison.
  • Yes, but the fact GWG isn't the worst deal ever doesn't make this one good.
  • Black flag is free on gold, hows it on discount??
  • All the Black Flag dlc is on sale
  • It's not on discount, Only DLC is.  
  • Oh OK, I actually got the standalone dlc freedom cry on the ps4 ha it'd good got it in a sale Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Halo 5: No split screen
  • Buy another xbox, tv & copy of H5. Put the TV's together to simulate split-screen. Problem solved :D
  • yep, only $1000 later...
  • Really... Mmmm rather invest in Battlefront and cod bo3 then
  • I would have bought Freedom Cry alone for a 50% discount ($4.99)
  • I still have an RBI 3 cartridge for my NES. From the screenshots, the gameplay in RBI '14 doesn't look any different, which may be a good thing.
  • Smart, giveaway the game for free then give deals on dlc.