File this under rumor but plausible: Raphael Rivera of ChevronWP7 and who seems to have an inside track with Microsoft (see the Arrive prediction), is claiming that the AT&T Focus should be getting both the pre-NoDo and NoDo update this Monday.

AT&T devices have so far been left out of the pre-NoDo update fun, leaving many to believe that carriers are actively blocking the fix, regardless of evidence. Instead, it looks to be what Microsoft has been saying all along: carriers are testing and will roll out the update accordingly. AT&T seems to be taking the approach of doing both at the same time, getting it all out of the way for at least their Focus customers. Interestingly, this Monday is the 7th, which puts right around that rumored March 8th release date a few weeks ago.

Will it happen? We think so, so tune in Monday to see the fireworks. Lets hope that Microsoft/Samsung/AT&T can pull this off...lots of eyes will be on one of the most popular Windows Phone to date.

Source: @WithinRaphael, part 2 (Twitter)