AT&T HTC 8X is also now getting the Portico Windows Phone update

Nokia isn’t the only one getting Portico today (OS build 10211) as it looks like AT&T and crew have thrown the switch for their HTC 8X, which was noticeably absent when the Lumia 920 got one a few weeks ago. Rumor has it some minor bugs were found and needed to be stomped out before rolling out.

As mentioned earlier, Portico is a small OS revision but those little features go a long way for everyday use. Such additions in the update included SMS call reject, persistent Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot preference and IE enhancements. The update will address stability and reboot issues that have plagued some users. HTC also has some firmware (10009) to go along with the update to polish off some settings and device features.

Users can head to Settings –> Phone Update –> Check for Update to manually fetch the over-the-air OS upgrade (Wi-Fi only, we believe due to the size). Installation can take upwards of 20 minutes and if it “hangs” on 100% installation before the reboot, no worries as that is normal.

Sound off in comments on your progress. Thanks, rekkid, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Welcome to the Portico party!
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    At the Porti, Portico Party
    Music and passion were always the fashion
    At the Porti....they fell in love   /Lame comment of the day
  • I for one enjoyed the lame comment.
  • Now if us Verizon HTC 8x owners could get Portico...
  • Hurry up Verizon!!
  • Yeah. Seriously! Come on Verizon!
  • VZW is notorious for holding up updates. I'm still waiting on the Xoom LTE to get Jelly Beans, even though the Wi-Fi version got it a couple months ago.
  • Nor us 822 users!
  • Why?? I'm glad Verizon got the quality WP build as I hear many people complaining about the reboots. I never had issues with my Verizon 8x.
  • Nice
  • Mine 8X from Vodafone came with Portico preinstalled. (1 week old, Czech Republic)
  • And what about the rebooting problems?
    Which update will be solved it finally???
  • Portico
  • Any idea when portico will hit the UK yet?
  • I've already got it long time ago among the first.
    I have SIM Free HTC 8X.
    I am just nervous about the reboots. It's rebooting twice a day.
  • I use my phone for a week and had not even reboot.. Just got some glitch and none of the tiles worked. Rebooted phone and worked again. Does anybody know what is causing reboots?
  • Soft reset
  • Just downloaded and now it's going through the "preparing to install" phase. This update is a godsend - my 8X would reboot every few days and I don't have Skype installed and took the FB app off temporarily, to no avail. It also had an issue connecting to my Infiniti via bluetooth where hands-free calling or synching after the car was already on caused the phone to lock up, the latter of which would happen because it randomly rebooted on me. Hopefully Portico fixes those two issues.
  • So, the Potico is fixed your reboot problems?
    I can not believe it. And in my phone after the update is still rebooting.
    I don't have Skype installed as well.
  • Any idea when portico will hit Finland yet, the N-O-K-I-A-land? Well maybe I should stop fooling myself...
  • Come'on Nokia, we need update for International Lumia 920 also.
  • yawnnnnn wake me up when 7.8 gets here.
  • Sleepy?
  • I got tired of waiting for 7.8 and got the 8X. Best idea ever!
  • Already had 7.8 RTM on my Trophy but, still grabbed a 8x....  Loving Windows phone 8 and the 8X is OMG fast...loving LTE coverage in my home (it's actually faster than my wi-fi connection getting on my phone)....
  • Wow, that took a long time. I got the update like month's ago on my HTC 8X with telfort. Dutch providers don't make use of branding on smartphones that much (except t-mobile) so lucky for me I get all the updates as one of the first!
  • I'm waiting for portico on verizon,
    however ...almost 2 months with my htc 8X, never had a rebot issue, with a lot of apps and extreme use.
  • I also have not had any issues with my 8X rebooting.  However, when I first got it, I did have an issue receiving pictures in my text messages.  After powering my phone off and then turning it back on, that problem went away and haven't had another issue since.
  • my HTC 8X on VZW has also never had the reboot problem. I have over 100 apps including Skype and Facebook. I am sorry others have had the issue. I called HTC for a friend and one of their tech agents suggested doing factory reset, then the hardware button combo factory reset then factory reset then hardware reset again and it fixed his phone. best of luck.
  • Just one question:
    Factory reset, hardware button combo factory reset is not the same???
    Si I if the same what's the point?
  • Read his post very well and you'll realize those two are not the same. The factory reset is done throught the Settings while the hardware reboot is done throught the hardware bottons.
  • Rock n roll. I love updates - even the ones that don't apply to me. I want MORE MORE MORE!
  • this!
  • Like an update fetish? I have one too ^^
  • Must be the day of AT&T updates... the S3 finally got the JB update as well
  • UK soon?
  • We can hope.
  • Hope is all we have, hope and the hunger to achieve everything that life will allow. And of course our Nokia Lumia 920s.
  • I presume this update doesn't wipe phone
  • As a Lumia 900 owner, I am just glad that I don't have to deal with rebooting issues. There's only a handful of apps and features of WP8 that I'd like to have (e.g. Nice start screen, Xbox Music and a good Skype client), but I'm not sure I'd be willing to put up with my phone rebooting several times a day. If Portico really fixed the issue (which many people here say it doesn't) then I'd be more open to the idea of upgrading.
  • How about:
    Separate volume controls for ringer, media, etc.
    Custom tones for anything but the ringtone
    Do Not Disturb mode night time
    More control over features in general.....
  • So that leaves Verizon as the only US carrier without portico? Sigh...
  • All I want is the ability to leave the bloody wifi on and I'm happy! I live in Edge land, so if I'm trying to download a podcast or something, and the phone goes to sleep, the download fails. 
    I've had one reboot ever, and I think I was the cause.
  • Wait a minute, I thought that Microsoft would be pushing out updates and not the providers; WTF?
  • Even the updates need to be compatible woth every carriers.
  • Finally.
  • Still waiting on Verizon.... Funny when it came to the Trophy we got every update faster than any other carrier but, this update they are behind ? WTF ?
  • Does anybody know when will this update roll to France?