AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 accessories get priced; Camera Grip only $59

Over the weekend we showed you some internal AT&T training videos for the soon-to-launch Lumia 1020. Concentrating on its massive 41MP camera, the videos also revealed a few accessories that AT&T is planning to co-launch on July 26th (remember, pre-orders start tomorrow).

Windows Phone Central can now confirm a few of those accessories, including an elegant all-black leather case from AGF ($35) and an OtterBox Defender ($50) for you folks who work at industrial sites and want to protect your new $650 investment.

Both accessories should be available for in-store purchases on the 26th and online ordering as well.

AT&T accessories Lumia 1020

Likewise, the Nokia Camera Grip (PD-95G) will also be available, presumably in all three colors (yellow, black and white) and retail for $59. That number is special because it’s coming in about $20 below what Nokia is quoting for the price of the super interesting accessory.

We suppose that AT&T and Nokia have worked out a deal to reduce the overall cost of accoutrements—at least for official Nokia ones—and those savings will be passed on to customers.

The PD-95G camera grip sports a 1020mAh battery (which discharges first before the main battery) with a visual indicator, a tripod mount and a dedicated shutter button that includes half-press (focus) and full-press (snapping the photo). Slapping the cover on only takes a moment and miraculously transforms your Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone seemingly into a high-end point-n-shoot camera.

However, people who opt to purchase (and sign a two-year agreement) through Microsoft will be treated to a free Camera Grip (PD-95G), making that still potentially a better deal. Still, we’re glad to see the reduced cost of that accessory and reasonable prices for the others.

Daniel Rubino

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