AT&T Titan II gets a price drop to $150 on contract

We just got back from our local AT&T store and we noticed that the HTC Titan II (see review) has gone from it's $199 pricing point ($550 off contract) to $149.99 ($500 off-contract).

The pricing coincides with today's release of the Samsung Focus 2 (of which we'll have an un-boxing video coming up soon). With the price drop of the Titan II, AT&T has given a little more consistency to their Windows Phone 4G LTE lineup:

  • Focus 2 - $49.99
  • Lumia 900 - $99.99
  • Titan II - $149.99

We also noticed an HTC Android phone received a similar price drop, so this looks like just a normal re-calibration of the market. The HTC Titan II, featuring a fantastic 16MP camera and a massive 4.7" screen is still "king" of specs on Windows Phone, though it's clearly being over-shadowed by the more "sexy" Nokia Lumia 900.

Still, at just $50 more than the Lumia 900, the Titan II is now much more competitively priced and for some, this will make more sense for those looking for a new Windows Phone 7.5 device.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I wish the original Titan was put on T-mobile at least. That would have sold like hotcakes there. Ah well...
  • Its a shame that europe waits for this device, and maybe never get it :(
  • Not sure why considering the 16MP camera is a wash and most European countries don't have LTE networks yet. This phone isn't that big of an improvement over the Titan II.
    Their time would be better spent working with Microsoft on Windows Phone 8 devices at this point.
  • Most European countries have 4g now.
  • I love my Titan II, I liked the Nokia software but the hardware of the Titan II won out for me anyway. I'm hoping for a bigger screened Nokia one day to give me the best of both lol. Now if only it were more popular so I could find accessories!
  • So what exactly makes it king of specs? 16 megapixel camera? everything else Lumia 900 and other Windows Phones are on par with. 4.7 inch doesn't make it better, that's all preference. Also you can argue AMOLED Clear Black is better than SLCD. A 1.5GHz processor which you don't even feel the difference from a 1.4GHz. So the only thing making it stand out is the camera. I wouldn't exactly call it king of specs cause of that. Would we call the Nokia Lumia 900 king of specs if they threw in PureView? HTC's camera reign will be short lived
  • I think pricing the HTC Titan II and the HTC One X at the same price point was a joke (and not in favor of the Titan II). This was an appropriate correction to be more in line with market expectations.
  • HTC just got cocky with it. They thought their name alone would sell it cause of the strength of their brand. They figured Nokia would have trouble selling in america since Nokia hasn't been selling phones in the US for a long while. Man were they wrong. Nokia's re-entering the US market has been a success. Far beyond most peoples expectations
  • Like you said, it's the WP with better specs, undoubtedly, so it might be considered the king of specs, no?
  • What does it matter? Really as long as people buy WP7, we all win. Stop being a Nokia fanboy and realize the big picture.
  • There isn't a big picture. The fact is no WP phone is really that much better than the other. The specs are pretty much equal with the exception of the camera. I wouldn't say having a better camera makes it the king of specs. With that logic the Nokia 808 is the king of specs over all phones but whatever, it is what it is I guess. I just think it's stupid to name any WP phone king of specs when most phones are pretty much identical. There is no phone that much different from the other
  • Nokia gives you great call quality, reception and build quality too. Don't forget that.
  • There is a big picture. Its that a very good high-end WP7 device just dropped in price and more people can come to the stable. #1 who cares which numbers are higher and #2 the fact is the Titan II does have higher numbers (except for battery) if you do care. 1.5 is a bigger number than 1.4, 16 is bigger than 8 and so on. Again, big picture is more people can come to the camp by spending less money on a great phone. Stop trying to justify your purchase by downing another and just enjoy it.
  • I'm not new to Windows Phone. I had the HTC Arrive, this has nothing to do with justifying my purchase cause I'm happy with my phone. I knew what I was getting into before I got it. The point is we shouldn't even be using terms like " the king of specs " when we are behind in specs. So that term isn't something we want to throw around when WP isn't about specs, its about user experience. The user experience on WP is pretty much equal across all phones so lets not throw this king of specs term around when we shouldn't even be touting specs if we are behind the competition. Using that term will just make people focus on specs more than the end user experience. We shouldn't feed in to the whole specs thing knowing we are behind, even if its just comparing one WP to another. We want to distance ourselves from the whole spec argument, not feed into it
  • Nice all exposure is good exposure
  • Why would anyone buy this for so much money when they could get Focus 2 or Lumia 900 for less?
  • George and I find the Titan II to be a superior phone. That's not to say I don't love the Lumia 900, it's certainly way better looking and the screen is very nice. But if you take photos a lot, the Titan II is the undisputed winner. For some of us, that's very important.
  • 4.7 inch screen. 16 MP camera. Actually one of the best cameras you can get on a phone. Sexy and solid feel.
  • Lets see. Bigger screen better camera and also slightly better processor that the HTC titan 2 has. I guess. Makes that 50 dollars more pretty much self explain it @Dusteater.
  • SRS enhancements,bigger screen, better camera. That's why
  • This price drop happened one day after the release of the Titan II.
  • Store manager told me the pricing drop happened yesterday--was one of two phones to get a price reduction. It was on Amazon and other 3rd party retailers for $149.99 for a few weeks prior.
  • That price cut hasn't shown up on their website yet, either as a new contract or upgrade.
  • No, it didn't. I've been to an AT&T store since the release and it was still $199.99...unless that was your attempt at humor, then it completely fail.
  • The screen on this thing is terrible...
  • I think if you use the 900 or Focus S, you get used to the super-saturation look. I find the Titan II's screen to be excellent: bright, accurate color reproduction, sharp and just nice to look at. Most reviews conclude with the same.
  • it's inferior in general..blacks are not as black, the screen is more reflective and the text is pixilated... Lumia has better screen hands down. For some of us that's important.
  • Text pixilated compared to a 4.3"? Rubbish. Non-refelctiviity is better but for the colors aren't very "real" on AMOLED. For instance, take a photo and it looks great on the screen yet looks completely different on a PC. I'm not sure that's better it's just a personal preference for some.
  • Open up the email app on both and you can see how jaggy the text is on the Titan. I currently own the Titan 1 and Lumia and the text is definately more jaggy on the titan. BTW 4.7 vs 4.3 is a BIG difference
  • Don't forget the Lumia lets you see better outdoor.
  • I'm so glad I waited to get this phone... I was thinking of getting the 900, but for 50 dollars more I get the Titan 2. So it's not a bad deal. Going to upgrade now=)
  • Lumia has a lot of exclusive apps and more coming.
  • At this price I might actually consider the T2--if it came to Canada--over the 900. Still gun-shy on HTC cuz of my HD7 though. Swore I'd never buy another HTC but would reconsider if they got their act together and supported their products better...
  • From a long time tmo hd7 owner to at&t t2 when it came out. Had to pay 200$ for early termination - worth every penny imo. Extremely happy with my t2 and didn't even notice that I have a bigger phone in my pocket now..
  • I just got a Titan II and love it. For those worried about screen pixilation, the only time I notice it is if I'm looking at a picture I've taken with the phone. In terms of colors, I was so surprised at how much more I like it in comparison to my old Focus. Browsing websites is also more enjoyable. Happy I found a great deal off eBay.
  • People need to stop bashing this phone! Lets not become like those iBrats who got disgusted over an android instagram app.
  • This price drop is great. The Titan II was definitely my next phone when i upgrade in July but this solidifies it.
  • Well this certainly makes things interesting.  At $199.99 the Titan II easily lost out to the Lumia 900, but at $149.99...
    Anybody know when this is going to drop on the AT&T website?  I'd have to order it there since I have the grandfathered iPhone unlimited data plan.