AT&T will pay up to $650 per line in switching costs for a limited time

For a limited time, AT&T will pay out up to $650 per line to cover costs related to switching from your current carrier. That's right, if you are ready to make the switch but the cost has been holding you back, this may be your chance to break free with little to no out of pocket expenses. Whether you want to avoid paying an early termination fee, or still owe monthly payments on your current smartphone, AT&T is willing to pay up to $650 to get your number on its network.

In order for AT&T to pay out, you will be required to purchase a new smartphone using the carriers Next payment plans. This offer can be used alongside the other existing offers from AT&T, like its new unlimited plan for DirecTV and U-Verse subscribers, or the BOGO deal on select smartphones. If you are interested in making the switch, be sure to contact AT&T or head to your local store before the promotion ends.

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Source: AT&T

Jared DiPane

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