Avocor's first Windows Collaboration Display lands in December for $6,995

After announcing its first Windows Collaboration Display at the Microsoft Inspire event earlier this year, Avocor today announced that the display will begin shipping in December. Coming in at 65 inches, the AVW-6555 Windows Collaboration Display will be available globally for $6,995, £5,400, and €6,100. Further versions in additional sizes are expected to launch in early 2019.

To recap, this new category of displays are meant to act as collaboration tools for employees during meetings and brainstorming sessions, similar to Microsoft's own Surface Hub. The biggest difference between Hub and these displays, however, is that they'll be powered by a laptop connected over a single USB-C cable.

In terms of features, Avocor's offering will feature an integrated conference camera, stereo speakers, far-field microphones, far-field microphones, and a stylus with an eraser. The single-cable connection will also transmit 4K video, USB control, internet and power, Avocor says.

Says Scott Hix, CEO Avocor:

Avocor and Microsoft are working together to enhance collaboration in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, offices and more. The Windows collaboration displays by Avocor are intuitive and as easy to use as a tablet or touch-screen PC, perform flawlessly, and seamlessly enable the Microsoft 365 experience for accelerated collaboration.

If you're at Microsoft Ignite, you can check out Avocor's AVW-6555 at The Expo at the Orange Country Convention Center. Otherwise, expect the display to go on sale starting in December.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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