Microsoft outsources customer care and support for Lumia phones to B2X

B2X, a customer care company based in Munich, Germany, has announced it will take over as the global customer service provider for Microsoft's Lumia smartphones, along with its feature phones.

In a press release, the company stated:

B2X provides one of the industry's most seamless customer service experiences. Users of Microsoft Lumia smartphones and Microsoft feature phones gain access to a global multi-channel customer care ecosystem managed by B2X in more than 130 countries. This global service platform powered by B2X SMARTCARE Technology delivers instant solutions for all warranty and non-warranty related customer inquiries.

B2X also plans to release its SMARTAPP in the Windows Store sometime later in October that will allow Lumia smartphone owners "to diagnose their Lumia smartphone and interact with a call center agent in real time.":

Beyond customer support services through the self-help app, support websites and call centers, B2X manages a global logistics and service partner network that provides repair services for warranty and non-warranty related device issues. B2X also manages Microsoft's spare parts supply giving repair centers rapid access to spare parts and accessories.

In addition, people who have purchased Lumia smartphones within the last six months will be able to purchase its SMARTPROTECT premium service from B2X. It will give those owners a longer warranty time period beyond Microsoft's own manufacturer's warranty, along with smartphone insurance. The press release does not offer any details on the financial agreement between Microsoft and B2X.

John Callaham