Battlewagon storms to Xbox Live next week

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that IronSun Studios’ Battlewagon would be coming to Xbox Live soon. At last, Battlewagon has a release date: December 14, next week!

Battlewagon is a lot like Robin Hood, but with a rolling death machine instead of a bow and arrows. Four evil Barons have taken the player’s kingdom, and it’s time to get it back! Equip your wagon with instruments of destruction and then storm the bad guys’ fortifications in 68 levels of medieval mayhem. Not only is Battlewagon a totally fresh premise, it also has that lovable Amiga-like British artwork that has all but disappeared these days.

Battlewagon debuts on Wednesday, December 14. It will cost $2.99.

Head past the jump for the full Battlewagon announcement press release.

IronSun Studios releases Battlewagon for Windows Phone 7.

IronSun Studios is pleased to announce the release of its next Xbox LIVE title for Windows Phone 7:


Battlewagon is a game where you send a wagon …… into battle!! Vanquish the four Barons who have stolen your kingdom. Use the best medieval technology ever created – the Battlewagon! You must destroy the Baron’s fortifications with your trusty wagon, some amazing upgrades and a few bombs! Battlewagon features hours of challenging levels, unique game play and beautiful graphics. Each of the 68 levels has a multitude of ways to complete them, but can you do it and take back your kingdom? See how you rate against other players on the online Leader boards, or increase your Gamer score with the 18 Xbox LIVE Achievements including "All in Jest", “Coming up Roses”, and the formidable “High King”.

Battlewagon is IronSun Studios second title to incorporate Xbox LIVE integration, after IonballEX.  It also joins a list of highly rated indie titles, including Lucky 7, ChronoX, Santa Quest, and Inquizition. Battlewagon will be available on the Windows Phone Marketplace from 14th December 2011, priced at $2.99, or on free trial.                            

About IronSun Studios

Based in the UK, IronSun Studios is a startup company, specialising in cutting-edge, fun and approachable games for mobile, console and the internet. IronSun Studios games are built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technologies, including Silverlight and XNA.



Twitter:                @IronSunStudios

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