Beam gets toast notifications on Xbox, revamped mobile site and more

Beam, Microsoft's game-streaming Twitch competitor, is continuing its evolution today with a batch of new updates heading out to a few different parts of its platform. For Xbox users, you'll now be treated to toast notifications when your favorite streamers go live. The mobile website is also getting an overhaul, and streamers are getting some new tools to work with.

Toasts on Xbox One operate much as you'd expect. Once a streamer you follow goes live, you'll get a toast notification letting you know. You'll want to make sure your Beam account is linked to your Microsoft account to take advantage of this.

Streamers themselves can now set offline images for their channels. Now, instead of a plain blue background when you're offline, you can set a custom static image to show when you aren't streaming. Beam has also started rolling out Interactive 2.0, which adds even more ways for streamers and developers to interact with their fans with dynamic controls, groups and more.

Beam Mobile Site

Lastly, the mobile website is getting a bit of an overhaul to make it look more like the latest versions of the iOS and Android apps. Given that the only way for Windows 10 Mobile users to watch on the go is via the mobile website, this should be a welcome change. overall, the experience looks pretty slick, with the same chat and interactive features that you'd expect making an appearance.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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