The Windows Phone 8 Facebook Beta app was updated late last night and so far, it has been very well received by the user base. The update brings a lot of new features that consumers have been longing for and reinforces Microsoft’s commitment in making the Facebook app top notch on Windows Phone.

There are still at least two major issues though: there is no Windows Phone 7.x version, though it was promised back in May and Facebook users are having widespread problems with receiving notifications. The good news, as revealed by Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore, is that both problems should be resolved very soon.

In two tweets posted today, Belfiore revealed that the Windows Phone 7 version of the Facebook app “should have a beta…this month”, noting that he just had a hands-on with an early build. That’s certainly something to look forward to because even though Windows Phone 7 users are now the minority with Windows Phone 8 surpassing its usage, it is still a sizeable audience.

The second topic was in regards to notifications and chat within Facebook. Many users have had complaints about notifications coming through and while it’s not Microsoft’s fault per se (it falls into Facebook’s system), the company is working with Facebook to get things back on track with Belfiore commenting “improvement coming”.

Windows Phone Central will of course keep you posted on both changes as they happen.

Source: Joe Belfiore (Twitter 1, 2); Thanks, Thomas F., for the tip!