BenQ has a pair of fresh 165Hz gaming monitors joining its MOBIUZ Line

Benq Monitor 27 Inch
Benq Monitor 27 Inch (Image credit: BenQ)

Benq Monitor 25 Inch

Source: BenQ (Image credit: Source: BenQ)

What you need to know

  • BenQ has two new gaming monitors available.
  • They have 165Hz refresh rates and 1ms MPRTs.
  • They cost $299 and $329, respectively.

BenQ's MOBIUZ line just got a little bigger. The display maker announced its two new monitors, the 25-inch EX2510S and 27-inch EX2710S, are available to purchase right now.

These monitors are 1080p. That's not their selling point, though. Where they shine brightest is in their high refresh rate (165Hz) and 1ms motion picture response time (MPRT). What that means for gamers is that their inputs will be reflected on the screen faster than with other monitors and that their games' visuals will flow in silky smooth fashion thanks to the higher-than-average refresh rate. They both pack FreeSync premium and treVolo audio (via two 2.5W speakers) as well.

The monitors also cover 99% sRGB color space, are able to display 16.7 million hues, and are HDRi optimization capable. The hardware of the monitors also packs a few benefits. Chiefly, the screens' stands are built to help hide cables, have space for controller storage, and the displays themselves can be tilted, swiveled, and height adjusted. Plus, they're VESA wall mount friendly.

If you want to grab either of these monitors, you can. They're available from BenQ's site. The 25-inch EX2510S is $299, and $329 for the 27-inch EX2710S, in case you want to plop down thirty extra bucks to snag an extra two inches. And be sure to check out our best computer monitors roundup to see what else is out there.

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