Best Accessories for ASUS ZenBook S Windows Central 2022

The ASUS ZenBook S actually comes with a couple of accessories in the box, but your experience will always be made better by branching out. And, since this is a USB-C only laptop, you should start with a great USB-C hub. Here are some other accessories you might want to consider.

All the ports: Lenovo USB-C hub

The ZenBook S only has USB-C ports on it, so this great hub from Lenovo will make any of those a lot more useful to you. It adds HDMI, a pair of memory card readers, Ethernet, and allows you to charge the laptop through it at the same time.

$51 at Amazon

Amazing bag: Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L

The incredibly compact size of the ZenBook S means you can safely and stylishly carry it in the Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L. This tiny bag can still pack your laptop, a mirrorless camera, DSLR, or a drone and assorted accessories, while being water-resistant and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

$150 at Amazon

Matching mouse: Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

Not only is the Surface Mobile Mouse light, compact, and well made, nor is it merely Bluetooth for wireless mousing wherever you are. Importantly, you can get it in red, so it will go perfectly with the red-bodied ASUS ZenBook S. Coordinate!

$34 at Amazon

For photographers: Anker USB-C SD card reader

If you need an SD card slot but don't necessarily want the added bulk or expense of a hub, Anker's 2-in-1 USB-C card reader is just the ticket. Drop in an SD or microSD card and import everything to your laptop, then toss it back inside your bag. It's small, affordable, and easy to carry around.

$14 at Amazon

Moar storage: Samsung T5 portable SSD

The ZenBook S has plenty of internal storage but something more portable is always a great idea. Samsung's T5 portable SSD is tiny, pretty affordable, and as fast as you could possibly want from an external drive. It's also available in sizes up to 2TB, depending just how much stuff you have to store. The one listed here is for 250GB.

$80 at Amazon

Converting: Nonda USB-C adapter

The world just isn't completely ready to move all-in on USB-C just yet, and so your legacy cables and devices will thank you for grabbing one (or more) of these tiny adapters. Just pop it into your USB-C port and connect your USB-A cable to it. You'll barely even notice it's there.

$10 at Amazon

The ASUS ZenBook S has a lot going for it, but you can always improve on a good thing. You'll need to look after it, which is where the superb Peak Design Everyday Sling comes in, and sadly, you're going to need that USB-C adapter to use any of your existing accessories. But at least it's small and affordable!

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