Best Crusader Kings III Mods Windows Central 2021

Crusader Kings III hasn't long been out, but already the modding community has provided us with some excellent additional content for free. We've rounded up the best mods available to you right now so you can take your Crusader Kings experience to a whole new level.

Blood Thirsty: Princes of Darkness

Staff Pick

Princes of Darkness is all about vampires and the undead, transforming Crusader Kings III into a more surreal and dark experience. In Vampire: The Masquerade, immortal and thirsty, you're not going to die of old age, but you will need to watch out for new weaknesses that come with the job. This mod is based on the CKII mod of the same name.

Free at Steam

Travel Back In Time: The Bronze Age: Maryannu

Another CKII mod has already been ported to CKIII, and this one takes you waaaaay back in time. You'll be able to play from the Minoans and Mycenaeans to the Hittites and Sumerians, Akkadians, or even the Assyrians. Two new start dates are available as well, 2115 or 1590 BCE. If you wanted Pharaoh, but in the CK universe, this is it.

Free at Steam

Become Anyone: SarcFa's Custom Ruler Designer

Feel a bit down that you cannot create your own custom family in CKIII? Fear not as SacFa is here with the awesome Custom Ruler Designer mod. This requires you to pick a starting ruler to control but runs you through some event chains to create your very own digital self, before replacing the unlucky lord you're about to replace.

Free at Steam

Level Playing Field: Shattered World

How would the gameplay if all territories were split up into chunks with all lords on a level playing field? That's precisely what Shattered World allows you to find out by splitting all the land up as you see fit. Have counties or just duchies. The choice is yours. This can lead to some really interesting playthroughs.

Free at Steam

Up, Down, Left, Right, Start: Daddy Pika's Cheat Menu

Are you sick of that lord hammering your forces and raiding your land? I would be too, and that's why Daddy Pika's Cheat Menu exists. You can manually put in cheat codes into the command console, but what if you wanted a more user-friendly way to cheat your way to victory? Install this mod, and the game is quite literally yours.

Free at Steam

See Everything: *P Total Warfare - Battle with an Army

The combat is probably the weakest part of Crusader Kings III. It hasn't changed much over the years, and that's a shame if you prefer all-out warfare. Total Warfare is here to help you out a little. Instead of just one soldier traversing the land, you'll be able to see a better representation of army compositions, as well as actual battles.

Free at Steam

How to install mods in Crusader Kings III

Installing mods in Crusader Kings III is really easy. All you need to do is use Steam and its built-in Workshop platform, which the game fully supports. All the mods we've covered here are available through Steam, and you can add them to your game experience with nothing but a single click.

Visit the mod page on Steam that you wish to add to your Crusader Kings III install and hit "Subscribe." Steam will then take a few moments to download all the necessary files and place them in the right place for the game to detect the mod(s). Then fire up CKIII, choose "Mods" in the launcher and make sure they're all there, and you're good to go!