Ikea's MARKUS chair.Source: Ikea

Best Ikea Gaming Chair Windows Central 2021

A good gaming chair is a fantastic way that you can stay comfortable while playing your favorite titles, and while you'll rarely hear its name in discussions about the best ones, Ikea does offer a handful of quality chairs. Ultimately, between the three that Ikea has made, we think that the MARKUS Gaming Chair is the best overall chair since it has an excellent balance of comfort, adjustability, and pricing.

Best Overall: MARKUS Gaming Chair

The MARKUS Gaming Chair.Source: Ikea

When it comes to the best overall chair that Ikea offers, we think that the MARKUS Gaming Chair takes the cake. It features a tall back with an airy mesh, a thickly-cushioned seat, built-in lumbar support, and a comfy headrest. This chair is incredibly relaxing to game in. On top of that, you can adjust the seat height, and you can also tilt the chair back for increased comfort. Also, this chair is less expensive than either of Ikea's other gaming chairs, and you don't lose out on much quality at all, which is a big reason this is our favorite pick. Finally, the chair has a solid weight capacity of 242 pounds, which should be good enough for most users. All of Ikea's chairs have the same weight capacity, so if you need something higher, you'll want to look towards other options.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Fairly adjustable
  • Mesh helps keep you cool
  • Least expensive of Ikea's chairs


  • Can't adjust the headrest

Best Overall

The MARKUS Gaming Chair.

MARKUS Gaming Chair

Perfectly balanced, as all chairs should be

Offering the perfect balance between quality and price, the MARKUS chair is our top pick.

Elite Pick: JÄRVFJÄLLET Gaming Chair

The JÄRVFJÄLLET Gaming Chair.Source: Ikea

The JÄRVFJÄLLET Gaming Chair should be your choice if you love everything about the MARKUS Gaming Chair, but are also willing to spend some extra money for the addition of an adjustable headrest. This chair is virtually identical to the MARKUS Gaming Chair in every way, but the key difference is that its headrest isn't static and can be tilted to best fit your preferred positioning. The price increase is rather steep for one more feature, but for some, it may be worth the money.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Good amount of adjustability
  • Mesh helps keep you cool


  • More expensive

Elite Pick

The JÄRVFJÄLLET Gaming Chair.


Rest your head however you please

This option is a premium choice that offers everything the MARKUS chair does, plus an adjustable headrest.

Most Adjustable: HATTEFJÄLL Gaming Chair

The HATTEFJÄLL Gaming Chair.Source: Ikea

If you'd prefer something that offers excellent adjustability, the HATTEFJÄLL Gaming Chair should be the seat you opt for. It trades the tall mesh back for a lower cushion-based one, which is also very comfortable, but may not be great for tall users. However, the back can be raised a bit, which may help out if you find your height makes sitting in the chair uncomfortable when it's in its default position. Like the other chairs, you can adjust the seat height and tilt back to your preferred angle, but unlike the others, you can also adjust seat and armrest depth with this chair. This makes the HATTEFJÄLL Gaming Chair the most adjustable one out of the bunch. Unfortunately, this also means it's a bit expensive.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Best amount of adjustability
  • Great if you don't like mesh


  • More expensive
  • Tall people may dislike the short back

Most Adjustable

The HATTEFJÄLL Gaming Chair.


Go with a classic look

This chair is ideal for folks who want an office chair-style chair that's very adjustable.

Bottom line

Gaming chairs are incredibly valuable accessories that can help you stay in comfort throughout your long and intense gaming sessions, and investing in one will be a great idea if you're a gamer. Though you rarely will hear its name when it comes to figuring out what the best gaming chairs out there are, Ikea's gaming chair offerings are nevertheless excellent. Though Ikea doesn't make too many chairs that are suited for gaming, the ones that are don't disappoint.

Each of the three chairs on this list is awesome for varying reasons, but when it comes to choosing which one is the best overall, we think that the MARKUS Gaming Chair is the clear winner due to its fantastic balance of quality and pricing.

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