Secretlab Titan XXS review: This gaming chair is for the dogs... and smaller humans

This chair will get your tail wagging for your next gaming session.

Secretlab Titan XXS
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Secretlab Titan XXS

Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central)

When I first saw the Secretlab Titan XXS, it was just an April Fools' Day joke that included images of dogs sitting in a tiny gaming chair. Now, customer feedback inspired Secretlab to make the chair a reality, and thus, the Secretlab Titan XXS was born.

The Titan XXS is a 1:2 scale model of Secretlab's other Titan chairs. It has all the bells and whistles that you'd expect from a premium gaming chair, but smaller.

I don't have any children, at least not any human ones, so I made sure to get feedback from my friend who games with their children regularly. I also had my dogs try it out, though with less success.

Secretlab Titan XXS: Price and availability

Secretlab Titan XXS

Source: Sean Endicott/ Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Sean Endicott/ Windows Central)

The Secretlab Titan XXS is available in Stealth (black), Frost Blue, and Plush Pink. The black model is made with a hybrid leatherette material, while the other colors feature SoftWeave Plus fabric. The gaming chair costs $299 for the black model and $319 for the two SoftWeave Plus fabric versions. You can order the Titan XXS directly through Secretlab's website.

Secretlab Titan XXS: What you'll like

Secretlab Titan XXS

Source: Sean Endicott/ Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Sean Endicott/ Windows Central)

When I saw this gaming chair, my first reaction was to say, "aww." That's been the case for every person that I've shown the Secretlab XXS to. It's just adorably small. While the Secretlab Titan XXS is a collectible, it is also a sturdy gaming chair built for practical use. It supports weights up to 70 kg (154 lbs) and heights up to 160 cm (5'2").

The unboxing and assembly process for the Titan XXS is simple, at least for humans. The included tools are handy and easy to use. I actually still use the screwdriver around the house. The pre-drilled holes make screwing in bolts a breeze.

The Titan XXS is sturdy, with no noticeable creaks or loose parts. It's what I'd expect from Secretlab, which makes some of the best gaming chairs.

Since I'm over the height and weight limit for the Titan XXS and many of you probably want to know if the chair is good for children, I got my friend to take a look at the chair. They game with their kids regularly and are more of the target audience for a chair like this.

"It's good. It's really really comfy. I like spinning around on it," said my friend's six-year-old. My buddy also added with a hint of jealousy that the Titan XXS was better than their own gaming chair.

Secretlab Titan XXS: What's not good

Secretlab Titan XXS

Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central)

While the assembly process for humans is excellent, the Secretlab Titan XXS requires fingers to put together. Even getting the chair out of the box required a human, which was a bit frustrating for my dogs, Ruben Esteban Freeman and Charles (Charlie) Xavier Freeman. The photographic instructions also didn't help my dogs parse through the steps needed to assemble the chair. "Bark, bark! Bow wow!" said Ruben when trying to put the chair together.

My youngest dog Charlie is pretty clever when it comes to solving puzzles. He can untie a knot in a rope with his teeth and paws, but he couldn't screw the bolts into the Titan XXS. In fact, he couldn't even open the box. Needless to say, the chair is not very accessible to furry friends with paws.

Secretlab Titan XXS

Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central)

The leatherette material wasn't a big hit with my dogs either. Then again, these are the animals that didn't like the memory foam mattress we got for them because it was too firm. Note in the photo below that my dogs have a soft bed on top of a memory foam bed. It's a bit of a princess and the pea situation with them.

"Bark, bark! Bow wow!" - Ruben Esteban Freeman

I was not able to get my dogs to love the chair, but after a week or so, they realized that they could jump up onto the chair and then walk onto my lap while I worked at my desk. So if you're in the market for an expensive pet stepping stool, Secretlab has you covered.

Secretlab Titan Xxs Beds

Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central)

On a more serious note, the only real drawback of the Secretlab Titan XXS is that it's pricey. Since it's essentially a smaller version of one of the Secretlab Titan, it's expensive. The Secretlab Titan XXS costs $299, which is more than most of its competition.

Secretlab Titan XXS: Sizing it up

I can't emphasize enough how the size of this chair is the first thing you'll notice. The Titan XXS is roughly four feet tall. It's just plain tiny. I'm also reviewing the Anda Seat Phantom 3 right now, so I grabbed some side-by-side shots for comparison.

The Titan XXS would make a cute addition to a gaming room or office. I think any kid that got one would feel like a real gamer (of course, they're already real gamers).

Secretlab Titan XXS: Competition

Ofm Gaming Chair Lifestyle

Source: OFM Inc. (Image credit: Source: OFM Inc.)

When it comes to the best gaming chairs for kids, the Secretlab XXS is likely the most expensive. The OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming chair is a more affordable option at around $115.

For the higher price of the Secretlab Titan XXS, you get quality craftsmanship and solid build quality. There's also a five-year warranty for the chair from Secretlab. Our managing editor has reviewed quite a few chairs from Secretlab, and they've all held up well over time. I expect similar results for the Titan XXS, though I only had it for a few weeks as part of my review.

Secretlab also has its own competition for the Titan XXS. While the Titan XXS is the smallest chair from Secretlab, it's not the only small chair from the company. The Titan EVO 2022 series has three different sizes, with the smallest being for people under 5'6" that are under 200 lbs. Those chairs have a wider range of color and material options than the Titan XXS. If you're a teen or adult that just wants a smaller gaming chair, it may be worth bumping up to the full Titan lineup.

Secretlab Titan XXS: Should you buy it?

Secretlab Titan Xxs

Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Sean Endicott / Windows Central)

You should buy this if ...

  • You have children that enjoy gaming
  • You want an adorable piece of furniture
  • You want an expensive stepping stool for your pet

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You're larger than 5'2" and 154 lbs
  • You're on a budget
  • Your dogs turn down expensive seats

The Titan XXS is for children who enjoy gaming. While it supports people up to 5'2" and 154 lbs, there are other options that may be better for adults over 5-foot. Sadly, I cannot recommend the chair for dogs, at least based on how mine chose to ignore it.

The Secretlab Titan XXS will disarm you with its cuteness and provide a comfortable seat for children while gaming. It's pricey compared to the competition, but it's one of the best gaming chairs for kids. Any kid that sits in a Titan XXS will feel like a real gamer.

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