Best Minecraft Dungeons builds: Torment quiver souls archery

Mcd Best Mage Archer Thumb 2 Min
Mcd Best Mage Archer Thumb 2 Min (Image credit: Windows Central)

In our last guide, we highlighted the venomous rogue build - Spider's Kiss, which focused on fast-paced melee combat. To continue the series, we decided it was only fair to show a little love to the players who prefer some good old-fashioned ranged souls magic. In this guide we'll be breaking down the best mage/souls archery hybrid build in Minecraft Dungeons. Behold the fury of the Torment Wraith!

The Torment Wraith

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While Minecraft Dungeons may not have a traditional magic system, there are definitely opportunities to fill that void in satisfying ways. This ranged build is designed for players who want to manipulate the powers of dark soul magic.

The Torment Wraith build focuses on harnessing the insane power and knockback of the Torment Quiver. Your other pieces of equipment and artifacts for this loadout are designed to help you get the most out of this powerful ranged attack.

Weapons and Armor

Torment Wraith Weapons And Armor

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Eternal Knife (Soggy Swamp/Desert Temple)

Minecraft Dungeons Eternal Knife

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

A Torment Wraith has no need for mana, instead unlocking the power of lost souls with the Eternal Knife. This powerful unique guarantees +2 soul gathering and also has a chance to gain even more souls upon hit. Here are the enchantments we equipped for this build:

  • Critical Hit – With high damage per hit, but slower attack speed, critical hit helps make your close-ranged attacks more viable
  • Enigma Resonator – Since much of the appeal of using the Eternal Knife comes from the incredibly high soul gain, Enigma Resonator is a great way to boost the damage of melee attacks even further
  • Committed – Committed is an amazing enchantment for chipping away at stubborn, tanky enemies. This in combination with Critical Hit and Enigma Resonator gives your attacks on weakened enemies chance for devastating damage.

Frost Bite (Creepy Crypt/Redstone Mines)

Minecraft Dungeons Frostbite Armor

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Your foes will feel the cold air of death approaching with the Frost Bite Armor. Armed with a snowy companion that stuns nearby enemies, double soul gathering, and +30% ranged damage, this piece is crucial for boosting the power of your Torment Quiver. Our enchantments follow:

  • Chilling – What would Frost Bite be without the Chilling enchantment? This powerful enchantment slows enemy movement and attack speed, leaving you free to harvest souls with your Eternal Knife. 
  • Speed Synergy – If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to make a hasty retreat, Speed Synergy will give you a much-needed boost of speed by using any artifact.
  • Protection – Casters are historically fairly squishy. Thankfully, Protection can offer a significant amount of damage reduction to help keep you in the fight a bit longer.

Bow of Lost Souls (Creeper Woods/Creepy Crypt)

Minecraft Dungeons Bow Of Lost Souls

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

The Bow of Lost Souls will be your most important piece of gear when it comes to the success of this build, as the damage output of Torment Quiver relies heavily on the enchantments of this item:

  • Enigma Resonator – One more time with feeling! Enigma Resonator is a great enchantment for any soul gathering weapon, but in this case, it can also boost the damage of Torment Quiver with amazing results.
  • Power – Power adds a massive percentage of raw damage to a weapon. With Bow of Lost Souls being our focus here, this is critical.
  • Supercharge – Supercharge can add an additional 40% damage to your bow's attack. This trio of enchantments is disastrous for enemy forces.


Torment Wraith Artifacts

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Torment Quiver

A Torment Wraith is only as good as their Torment Quiver. Combined with the right bow and equipment set, the Torment Quiver can easily destroy hordes of enemies in a single shot. This artifact is the bread and butter of this build.

Ghost Cloak

Move amongst the shadows with the haunting ghost cloak. In combination with the Speed Synergy enchantment, this will be your greatest escape tool if you find yourself overwhelmed by a mob of powerful enemies. 

Soul Healer

Yet another piece of gear in this build that boosts soul gathering, the Soul Healer artifact is an incredibly powerful sustainment tool. Popping this will give you or a weakened ally a life-saving chunk of health.

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Watching walls of enemies get caught in the crushing path of the Torment Quiver, truly never gets old. Our very own Jez Corden spent a solid amount of time perfecting this souls build, so if you're looking for a more ranged-focused way to play Minecraft Dungeons, give this loadout a try! Be sure to share your favorite builds in the comments below.

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