Looking for a new PC monitor but don't want to spend more than $200? Check these options out.

Getting a great PC monitor doesn't mean you have to spend mega bucks. There are naturally some compromises you have to make, and you won't get 4K in that price range. But compromises don't automatically equal bad.

So, if $200 is your budget, choose from any one of these fine monitors, and you'll be satisfied. We promise.

BenQ RL2455

While targeted at gamers, this monitor from BenQ is exceptionally good for its price. It contains a 24-inch 1080p display panel with a 60Hz refresh rate and a one millisecond response time.

It's not the best out there for accurate color work, but it offers a sharp picture with no ghosting, as well as a pair of HDMI inputs on the rear and built in speakers. It's a lot of monitor for the money.

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Acer G257HL

This monitor has 25 inches of 1080p screen real estate, DVI and HDMI inputs, a response time of four milliseconds, and a respected manufacturer.

It is a great buy for the price if you're looking for a cheap but responsive monitor. You won't be able to enjoy more advanced technologies featured in more expensive offerings, but for the money you're getting a bargain.

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Asus VC239H

This sleek, almost bezel-free monitor from ASUS has a lot to offer for not a lot of money. It's a 23-inch, 1080p IPS panel for one, which means better colors and viewing angles compared to a similarly priced TN panel monitor. The sRGB calibration is also pretty good for a low-cost display.

It also has stereo speakers, DVI and HDMI, and a very respectable five millisecond response time. It also has a three-year "rapid replacement" warranty from ASUS, which translates into excellent peace of mind.

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ViewSonic VX2457

Another monitor that's targeted more towards gamers, what this ViewSonic can offer at this price point is astonishing. It's a 24-inch 1080p panel with a two millisecond response time, 75Hz refresh rate and support for AMD Freesync. If your PC runs an AMD graphics card that means super smooth, tear-free gaming.

Not only that but you'll find DisplayPort connectivity alongside HDMI, a three-year warranty, built-in speakers, and a dedicated "game mode" hotkey. It used to be the case that PC gamers had to spend a fortune, but great monitors like this prove otherwise.

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Dell SE2717HX

What's that? A 27-inch monitor for under $200?! This Dell is just that, and while it's still a 1080p panel, you get more space to move your windows around. It also looks superb for a sub-$200 monitor, with its solid, well-designed stand and super-skinny side bezels.

It has HDMI and VGA connectivity, and AMD FreeSync support, meaning it's even good for some gaming. The matte display has great viewing angles and Dell's ComfortView helps reduce eye fatigue by cutting down on blue light output.

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