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The amFilm tempered glass screen protector is our pick for Surface Go thanks to a low price and great feel once applied.

Our Pick

amFilm screen protector

Low-cost and easy to apply.

We tested the amFilm screen protector and came away impressed thanks to easy bubble-free application, cutouts for camera and speakers, and an oleophobic coating that cuts down on smudges..

Who should buy this screen protector

Anyone who uses their Surface Go primarily as a tablet should pick up a screen protector. Without a Type Cover, the bare display is exposed when in a backpack or case, which can certainly lead to scratches. Likewise, if you're often handing your Go off to your kids, a screen protector is a worthwhile buy.

Is it a good time to buy this screen protector?

Prices won't go much lower for this two-pack of screen protectors, and right now your Surface Go's display is being used without protection. If you feel like there's any danger of it being scratched, grab one now.

Reasons to buy

  • Oleophobic coating for less smudges
  • Curved edges
  • Kit comes with two
  • Cutout for camera and microphone
  • Cutouts for the speakers
  • Price is right
  • Works with the Surface Pen

Reasons not to buy

  • Artists might like a natural feel better
  • Not entirely necessary if you always use a Type Cover

An accessory that's often invaluable

Adding a screen protector to your tablet might seem unnecessary, especially with a product like the Surface Go that has an optional Type Cover to keep the display safe, but there are certainly folks out there who eschew the extra keyboard and use the tablet solo. Tossing your Surface Go into a backpack or briefcase without protection can lead to scratches and blemishes on the display, which is where a screen protector comes in.

The tempered glass is designed to take the abuse rather than the display itself, and it also has some extra features. An oleophobic coating on the protector repels oil from your hands, resulting in a screen that's not completely covered in fingerprints minutes after you start using it.

It has the right cutouts, it cuts down on smudges, it makes using the Surface Pen smoother, and the price is certainly right.

There is some thickness to the screen protector (just 0.33 mm, though still noticeable), but its edges are curved so your hands don't constantly rub against them. The front-facing speakers have cutouts to not distort sound, and the front-facing camera and microphone also have a cutout for clear pictures and voice. Be wary of Surface Go screen protectors with a single small circular cutout on the front for the camera — like options from JOTO — which completely block the microphone.

If you're an avid user of the Surface Pen, know that it's completely compatible even with a screen protector applied. The tempered glass actually makes using the pen a lot smoother, perfect when jotting down notes. If you're an artist, however, you might prefer the natural feel better. It all comes down to personal preference.

In our test, we were able to get the first screen protector on without bubbles or dirt between, but the kit does come with two for $11. If the first one doesn't go on properly, you'll have a second chance without having to re-order.

Alternatives to the amFilm screen protector

If the amFilm Surface Go screen protector is sold out or suddenly jumps in price, there are certainly other options on the market that can keep your Go's display free of blemishes.


OMOTON screen protector

High-quality tempered glass screen protector that costs a bit more.

They're slightly thinner (0.26 mm) than our top pick, but otherwise retain the same core features. They also cost about $4 more.

OMOTON is no stranger to making quality screen protectors for Surface products, so it's good to see an option for the Go. This $15 pack includes two protectors and everything you need for installation. You still get an oleophobic coating, the edges are rounded, and there are cutouts for camera, mic, and speakers.

Value Pick

Dmax Armor screen protector

It's not tempered glass, but it's cheap.

A three-pack of Dmax Armor screen protectors costs just $8, and you get a lifetime replacement warranty to boot.

If tempered glass seems like a bit of overkill — maybe you just want a bit of extra protection even when using your Go with a Type Cover — there are these screen protectors from Dmax Armor. They have cutouts for camera, mic, and speakers, they still help cut down on fingerprints, and you get three in the pack.

Bottom line

There are plenty of screen protectors on the market, all trying to make it onto your Surface Go, but not all are worth your money. We tested ourselves the amFilm tempered glass option and came away impressed. It went on smooth the first time, it has the right cutouts for camera, mic, and speakers, and it cuts down on fingerprints. It's also priced right, with a two-pack costing about $11.

Note that we will continue updating this list as we find matte and light-filtered screen protectors that are worth your hard-earned dough.

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