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DecalGirl Surface Go skins are the best options you'll currently find. There are a ton of design options available, they're well-made, and you can even design your own skin if you don't find something that suits you.

Our Pick

DecalGirl Surface Go skins

DecalGirl offers the best quality and best assortment of skins for your Surface Go.

With more skins than you can shake a stick at and the ability to create your own designs, these skins from DecalGirl are just about all you'll ever need.

Who should buy this Surface Go skin

Laptop skins are generally designed to add a lot of style to your plain device and a bit of scratch protection, which is what DecalGirl achieves. The skins are easy to apply, they're designed by actual artists, and you'll be hard-pressed not to find one you like from the thousands available.

Is it a good time to buy this skin?

DecalGirl skins generally stay the same price, so buying one now makes sense. The longer you wait, the more chance there is that you'll scratch up the Surface Go's exterior. Or, you know, someone might see you with a plain looking device.

Reasons to buy

  • Thousands of different skins.
  • Quality construction.
  • Easy application.
  • Can use your own design.
  • Comes with a matching digital wallpaper.

Reason not to buy

  • Can find cheaper options.

Most people will find a DecalGirl skin they love

When it comes to laptop and tablet accessories, skins are usually second only to cases and sleeves. They provide a bit of scratch protection while also offering up a unique style, which can really make your device stand out.

DecalGirl skins are made in Delaware using automotive-grade cast vinyl and designs licensed from actual artists around the world. There are thousands of different options available already for the Surface Go, all complete with an included digital wallpaper to make your screen match the front of the skin.

There are thousands of different DecalGirl skins available, plus you can create your own.

Bubble-free application of the stickers is about as easy as possible, and you get front, back, and side pieces for a complete wrap. If you'd like to change the skin — they're one use only — you can remove the old one slowly without leaving any glue residue behind.

Choose from either matte or high-gloss finish at checkout, and if you can't find an option you like from the thousands available, you can create your own design as long as you own the artwork. As an added bonus, DecalGirl has a points system that you can redeem on other skins in the future.

Alternative to DecalGirl skins

DecalGirl certainly isn't the only company offering Surface Go skins, and you can find cheaper options out there that might be more suited for the business world. Skinomi, another maker, even bundles a screen protector for added value.


Skinomi TechSkin

A cheaper skin alternative bundled with a screen protector.

Priced at $17 and including a screen protector for a bit of added peace of mind, Skinomi's TechSkins are available in a variety of colors and designs more suited for a professional environment.

There might not be as many designs to choose from and you might not be able to create your own skin, but Skinomi's TechSkins are nevertheless a great alternative. They have front, back, and side pieces for a full wrap, and the included screen protector is just icing on the cake. If anything should go wrong, Skinomi offers a 100-percent risk-free lifetime replacement warranty.

Bottom line

For the best variety and quality skins for your Surface Go, you'll definitely want to check out what DecalGirl has to offer. The skins are made in the U.S., they're made from automotive-grade vinyl, and they're available in a couple of different finishes.

Those who don't want to spend quite as much or who would like something that includes a screen protector, TechSkins from Skinomi are likewise a quality product for adding a bit of class and protection to your Surface Go.

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