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The Surface Go, and Surface Go 2 are phenomenal devices sized to be your 2-in-1 on the move. The standard Platinum color is sharp, but a skin can make the Go truly stand out and offer some scratch protection at the same time. We've rounded up the best of the best right here to help you cover your Surface Go or Go 2.

Toast Surface Go Skin

So Classy: Toast Wood Cover

Editor's choice

If you'd like to avoid thin vinyl skins with colorful designs and want something that's a lot more mature, Toast's wood covers should do the trick. Choose from seven different wood styles, add Type Cover and touchpad skins, and even go with a bezel cover for the original Go's larger bezel. Yes, the rear cover and Type Cover skins should be compatible with the Go 2.

From $49 at Toast
dbrand skin

Customize Your Skin: dbrand Go and Go 2 Skins

Staff Pick

These skins from dbrand are customizable for both the Go and Go 2. Choose from more than 35 colors and styles for the back of the tablet, and add a separate skin for the rear logo. The original Go can also have a front skin configured for the bezel (also more than 35 styles) due to it being thicker than the bezel on the Go 2.

DecalGirl skin

Thousands Of Styles: DecalGirl Surface Go Skins

DecalGirl skins are designed to cover the back and stand of the Go, as well as the front bezel. There are thousands of options to choose from, and they're relatively affordable to boot. These are quality skins that go on smooth, and you can even create your own design if you can't find what you want. If you'd like to use these skins with the Go 2, the rear portion should be compatible. Just don't expect the bezel skin to fit properly.

$20 at DecalGirl
Skinit Surface Go Skin

Tons Of Brands: Skinit Surface Go Skins

These skins designed for the Surface Go cover both the rear and front bezel of the tablet. There are hundreds of licensed designs from your favorite brands, and you can even create your own if you don't find something suitable. The rear portion of these skins should work with the Go 2, though the front bezel will not fit properly.

From $30 at Skinit
MasiBloom Surface Go Skin

Colorful Skin Options: MasiBloom Protective Decal

MasiBloom's skins are vibrant, low-cost options that will add a lot of style to your device. They only cover the back of the tablet, so they should work with both the Go and Go 2 due to no fussing with different bezel sizes. There are seven designs to choose from that will add some protection as well as color.

From $9 at Amazon
VFENG keyboard skin

For The Type Cover: VFENG Ultra Thin Keyboard Skin

Skins aren't just available for the body of the Surface Go or Go 2. If you often use an attached Type Cover, you can add a thin, clear skin to the keyboard to protect against dust and spills. You still get full backlight function, and your typing speed shouldn't be affected, thanks to the 0.13mm thinness.

$7 at Amazon

If we're making some suggestions

Toast wood coverSource: Windows Central

Toast has been making quality laptop and tablet wraps from real wood for years, and it's still a top choice for the Surface Go and Go 2. It's not yet officially released for the Go 2, but the rear panel and Type Cover skins should fit fine on both devices. Choose from seven different wood types, add custom text, add a cutout for logo, and even add a bezel cover on the original Go. This is a great way to add a ton of class to your device if you'd rather avoid the vinyl options out there. Prices start at about $49 and go up from there as you add features.

If you don't mind more standard vinyl skins, dbrand has you covered. There are official skins for both the original Go and the new Surface Go 2, all customizable from more than 35 different styles. Shipping is prompt, and quality is high.

Be sure to have a look at our collection of Surface Go cases if you're looking to add more robust protection against drops, bumps, and scratches.

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