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Microsoft's Surface Pro X is a versatile tablet that can double up as a laptop with the optional Surface Type Covers. There are also a whole host of accessories that work with the Pro X and will transform the portable experience. We've rounded up the very best below.

QWERTY Magic: Surface Pro X Type Cover

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Unfortunately, the Surface Pro X does not come with the Type Cover, which allows you to make full use of a full QWERTY keyboard and touchpad. If you plan on using the Surface Slim Pen, you may want to purchase it as a bundle with the Signature Type Cover, which also includes a small cradle for the stylus to charge.

$140 at Microsoft

Official Stylus: Surface Slim Pen

Microsoft redesigned the classic Surface Pen to make it slimmer and house a rechargeable internal battery. Not only do you no longer require AAAA batteries, but you can even wirelessly charge this new stylus with the included cradle or on the Signature Type Cover.

$145 at Microsoft

Healthier Typing: Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

The Surface Pro X has a great keyboard with the Type Cover, but like most PC and laptop keyboards it's not designed with ergonomics in mind. Should you find yourself typing away for most of the day, you'll want the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard to help you fight against wrist strain.

$60 at Microsoft

Audio Adapter: Surface USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

Everyone pokes fun at Apple's products for requiring a whole host of adapters, but the Surface Pro X also needs an adapter if you plan on using an audio device that uses a 3.5mm cable. This handy USB Type-C to 3.5mm adapter from Microsoft doesn't cost too much and does the job just fine.

$12 at Microsoft

Wireless Mouse: Logitech MX Master 2S

This powerful wireless mouse houses a highly accurate sensor backed by amazing battery life, along with other useful features that make pointing anywhere on a screen a breeze. Should you need a mouse that isn't bolted down to a device, the MX Master 2S is for you.

$80 at Amazon

External Monitor: Dell UltraSharp U2719D

The Dell U2719D is a 27-inch monitor with a 1440p resolution, perfect for pairing up with the Surface Pro X on your workspace. It uses IPs for a solid picture and barely has a bezel, with plenty of ports to get you connected — there are even five USB ports on the rear of the display.

$372 at Amazon

Portable Protection: Waterfield Surface Sleeve

Waterfield makes some gorgeous bags and this Surface Sleeve is ideal for the Surface Pro X (or any other Surface device for that matter). Made in the U.S., it's well designed, has a rear pocket for papers and other accessories, as well as customizable options when ordering to really personalize it.

$69 at Waterfield

Budget-friendly Sleeve: ProCase Felt Laptop Sleeve

When you don't fancy spending a large sum for padded protection, this sleeve from ProCase will house your Surface Pro X without issue. Sure, it's not quite as high quality as the Waterfield Design option, but for the price this is an excellent choice when on a tighter budget.

$12 at Amazon

Smart Listening: Surface Earbuds

Microsoft's Surface Earbuds were laughed at, but these small (yet expensive) accessories do much more than vibrate inside your ears. You'll be able to make full use of touch controls to carry out gestures and other interactions with whatever may be displayed on-screen. Smart.

$249 at Microsoft

Docking Granted: Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station

This handy Pluggable docking station simply requires a single USB Type-C connection to your Surface Pro X, which turns that single output into a feature-rich hub. You'll then have access to USB Type-A ports, HDMI out, DVI, Ethernet, as well as the means to provide power to the Surface Pro X.

$178 at Amazon

Making a suggestion...

The first accessory you should purchase is the Surface Pro X Type Cover. This comes in two flavors, one that happens to be the usual Type Cover we've all come to know and love, while a Signature Type Cover edition comes rocking an integrated cradle for wirelessly charging the Surface Slim Pen.

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One highlight of the Surface Pro X is its portability, especially when you have LTE connectivity. Taking your Surface Pro X outside the front door could lead to potential damage, but with a protective sleeve like the Surface Sleeve from Waterfield will help keep your Surface Pro X safe.

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