Phanteks P400S


The P400S by Phanteks is a stunning case, priced at less than $100 — depending on what color variation you opt for.

The case itself is a mid-tower, sporting ample room for even the largest of GPUs and has a bunch of handy features that make for a gorgeous yet functional PC build.

It comes with two 120mm fans and supports up to a 360mm radiator, as well as full-sized power supplies, and has soundproofing included for a quieter build.

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Thermaltake Core P5

Core P5

Thermaltake is the company behind the awesome Core series of full ATX cases. The P5 is the larger sibling of the P3 that allows for full water-cooling solutions to be installed with ease.

What makes this case extra interesting is how all components are on show thanks to no side or top panels. It can be left completely open or with the 5mm thick tempered glass kit, you can seal it a little.

The Core P5 is extremely versatile. It's a modular PC case, and it can be stood, laid down or even mounted on a wall. It's around $230 for the version with tempered glass, but it's impossible to find another case that looks quite like this.

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Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB

Corsair 570X

If you're spending money on a tempered glass PC case, you want it to look impressive. The Corsair 570X is just that, with a tempered glass front, top and sides and RGB lighting with an integrated controller for that extra wow factor.

Tech wise, the 570X is a mid-tower with stacks of space to play with. It supports up to six 120mm fans, while supporting 240mm, 280mm and 360mm radiators.

Cable management in a case that's glass all over is important, and Corsair has included a number of dedicated cable channels with velcro ties and mounting points, to make sure your cable game is firmly on point.

At around $170 it's also pretty good value considering the amount of tempered glass you're getting.

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Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 3.1 TG

Masterbox 3.1 TG

Tempered glass cases don't have to be expensive, as the Masterbox Lite 3.1 from Cooler Master proves. For just over $40 you get a micro ATX case with a single tempered glass side. But at this price, that alone is pretty astounding.

The Masterbox Lite 3.1 has three different colored trims, and supports up to two 120mm fans at the front, or a 240mm radiator, and it's also spacious enough to support up to 380mm graphics cards. Which basically covers every card on the market.

Behind the motherboard tray there are mounting points for cable management, and while you don't get as many channels to play with as on a more expensive case, it's still fairly easy to keep things neat and tidy.

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