Best Tempered Glass PC Cases Windows Central 2020

Tempered glass is becoming increasingly common in PC cases and for good reason: it's desirable for its durability as well as the appearance benefits. If you're specifically looking for a tempered glass PC case, these are our favorites right now, including the superb Phanteks P400S.

Mighty mid-tower: Phanteks P400S

Staff favorite

This is a stunning mid-tower, sporting ample room for even the largest of GPUs and has a bunch of handy features that make for a gorgeous yet functional PC build. It comes with two 120mm fans and supports up to a 360mm radiator, as well as full-sized power supplies, and has soundproofing included for a quieter build. The full-length tempered glass side panel will show off your handiwork to all who gaze upon it.

$90 at Amazon

Utterly unique: Thermaltake Core P5

The Core P5 is extremely versatile. It's a modular PC case, and it can be stood, laid down, or even mounted on a wall. What makes this case extra interesting is how all the components are on show thanks to no side or top panels. It can be left completely open or with the additional 5mm thick tempered glass kit, you can seal it a little. It's a full ATX case, too, and if you're looking for something to create a truly unique looking PC, it's hard to ignore.

$157 at Amazon

Compact build: Phanteks P350X

Despite being small, there's plenty of space for an ATX build, with hidden drive cages in the base and at the back of the motherboard tray. The P350X features a 3/4 length tempered glass side panel and an integrated power supply shroud to hide your messy bits. Each side of the front panel is covered in mesh so you're getting solid airflow, and it supports dual 120mm or 140mm fans in the front or a 280mm radiator.

$70 at Amazon

Budget build: Thermaltake Versa H26

Tempered glass always adds to the cost but that doesn't mean you can't build on a budget. This case isn't full of bells and whistles, but it still has a 4mm full tempered glass side panel, space for a full ATX build, support for three 120mm fans at the front and top, a bunch of hard drives and SSDs, as well as a full water cooling setup.

$60 at Amazon

Standing out: Corsair Obsidian 500D

If you're looking for something that will really stand out, this is the case for you. Glass adorns its front and sides, showing off the beauty of your RGB-customized build within. It's a mid-tower and complementing the tempered glass are a solid aluminum top panel and door handles. It comes pre-equipped with three LL120 fans and Corsair's Commander hardware to control the lighting.

$250 at Amazon

Actually insane: Cougar Conquer

If you're really looking for something different from your tempered glass case, the Conquer is about as different as you could imagine. Big enough for a full ATX build with water cooling, this insane looking mid-tower has glass on both sides and an off-angle mounting for the motherboard. It's got plenty of presence on its own but paired with some RGB and your creativity, you'll have a PC like no-one else.

$250 at Amazon

A good tempered glass PC case will really set off your build, showing off your hard work in its absolute best light. Phanteks is about the best PC case maker on the market right now and whether it's the mighty P400S or the more affordable P350X, you'll have a stunning looking and high-quality shell for your new rig.

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