Best Tempered Glass PC Cases 2022

Phanteks P400
Phanteks P400 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Tempered glass is becoming increasingly common in all of the best PC cases, and for a good reason: it's desirable for its durability as well as the appearance benefits. If you're specifically looking for a tempered glass PC case, these are our favorites right now, including the superb Phanteks P400S.

The bottom line

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A good-tempered glass PC case will really set off your build, showing off your hard work in its absolute best light. Phanteks is arguably about the best PC case maker on the market right now, and whether it's the mighty P400S or the more affordable P350X, you'll have a stunning looking and high-quality shell for your new rig. Phanteks cases are also attractively priced besides being high-quality items, just making them even more desirable.

One of the other names to look out for is Thermaltake, particularly for RGB fans and seriously unique looking builds. The company's latest, the ITX-sized Tower 100 is a breathtaking PC case for small-form builds that looks unlike anything else in its category.

The best news for PC builders is that tempered glass continues to become more common, even on more affordable cases. The benefits over acrylic are numerous, and if you're spending a lot of your hard-earned money on your PC, there's no reason not to make it not only look its best but have the added longevity you'll get by going with glass.

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