The NPET V20 Wired RGB is an excellent gaming vertical mouse that's comfortable, has a great optical sensor, and has snazzy RGB lighting. It's not perfect, but it's definitely the best vertical mouse you can get your hands on for PC gaming.

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The best there is

If you want to buy a vertical mouse that's dedicated for gaming, then the NPET V20 RGB is the perfect balance of quality, appearance, and pricing.

Who should buy the NPET V20 RGB?

If you often have pain in your shoulders, arms, or hands while using regular mice on your computer, a vertical mouse is perfect for you. They're designed to be used in a more naturally comfortable position than normal mice are, and as a result, they often help alleviate a lot of pain people have while on their computers. You should buy this mouse specifically if you're a frequent game player.

Is it a good time to buy the NPET V20 RGB?

There's never been a better time to buy this mouse than right now because of how few options there are right for a quality vertical gaming mouse. Vertical mice are a pretty niche product, and since it's unlikely that something will come along to top the NPET V20 RGB any time soon, there's no point in waiting.

Reasons to buy

  • Comfortable design
  • Great sensor with high DPI range.
  • Programmable buttons

Reasons not to buy

  • Some buttons are a little small.

What makes the NPET V20 RGB so good?

The main thing that makes the NPET V20 RGB such a good mouse is that it's very comfortable to use. This makes it perfect for people who want to play their games for long hours but are held back by the pain that normal mice induce. As far as vertical mice go, the mouse's performance in-game is excellent: its sensor is as good as many regular gaming mice, and it has a DPI range of 4000. That's not much by normal standards, but for a vertical mouse, that's an excellent result since most of them cap out at around 2400 DPI.

In addition, the mouse also comes with programmable buttons and RGB lighting, both of which can be tweaked to the player's preferences. Choice is always nice to have, and the fact that a vertical gaming mouse has features that high-end regular gaming mice do is very appreciated. The only real downside to the NPET V20 RGB is that some of the buttons are a little small, but it's nothing too significant.

Alternative to the NPET V20 RGB

If you'd like to get a decent vertical mouse for gaming that doesn't cost quite as much as the NPET V20 RGB, then the VicTsing Wireless Ergonomic Mouse is right up your alley. It doesn't have as great of a sensor, the same awesome DPI range, or any cool lighting, but it is 50 percent less expensive compared to the NPET, making it an awesome choice if you're on a budget.

Budget pick

VicTsing Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

Bang for your buck

At just $14, the VicTsing Wireless Ergonomic Mouse offers a slightly worse experience than the NPET V20 RGB, ultimately making it a great budget choice.

Bottom line

At the end of the day, the NPET V20 RGB is an amazing vertical gaming mouse that offers a great experience for a great price. It's not perfect, as some people may find the small buttons annoying, but the quality sensor, awesome DPI range, and fancy looks ultimately make it a great product.

Our pick


The best there is

If you want to buy a vertical mouse that's dedicated to gaming, then the NPET V20 RGB is the perfect balance of quality, appearance, and pricing.

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